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Scott Ian, 3/24/01



Just a day after we asked Scott Ian in his Rewind if he was ever going to wear a Metal Sludge shirt on VH-1’s Rock Show, he came through and did it! Scott wore our shirt on the Friday, March 23rd show!

Scott is the first Rock Star to totally represent us on a national TV program. Here are some still shots!

You’ll notice that Scott is sporting our new "Skid Row red" style shirt. You’ll also notice that his goatee perfectly matches our shirt!

And he wore our shirt for the entire show! All 60 minutes! If you watched the show, you had no choice but to look at our shirt! Millions were forced to see our Metal Sludge logo!

There is only one thing we can do at this time, and that is to present Scott with the…


Who needs a Platinum Album, or even a record label who believes in you, when you can have a Super Balls Award!

Here are a few more screen captures for ya if you’d like to pleasure yourself.

Scott deserves to be sucked off for being so down with Metal Sludge, so if you’re Britney Spears or some other hottie, please blow Scott for us. His nuts need to be swung from like a jungle gym, so help him out.

If you’d like to be like Scott, or if you hope to someday host a video show, then you need to stop by our Sludgendise Section! There are several wonderful styles to choose from. Maybe you too can be on VH-1!

Also, be on the lookout for Ozzy Stillbourne’s "Random Thoughts On The Friday, March 23rd Edition Of The Rock Show" coming soon!

A million thanks to Scott Ian for being down and having Super Balls!

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