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Sludgette of the Month – May 2001, Tiger Naegele



Tiger Naegele

This is the first Sludgette Of The Month to wear our Metal Slut Vixen Pink Tank Top and at the same time totally show off some nice cleavage!

We present to you our Sludgette Of The Month for May, Tiger!

Tiger’s Data Sheet

1. Age: 25

2. Height: 5’3"

3. Weight: 101

4. Measurements: 34D-24-33

5. Where are you from?
Albuquerque, New Mexico

6. What is your nationality?
Puerto Rican, Phillipino

7. Ambitions: To make it in the pages of Playboy!! lol Make my business successful Devilish Desires Inc, a clothing business that I am launching within the next few months!

8. Turn-ons: LONG hair, the whole rock star image, bad boys…lol with a hidden sensitive side. eyeliner…hee hee ( Dave Navarro my IDEAL man…..BEAUTIFUL!)

9. Turn-offs: Guys that are into themselves, guys with NO job!

10. Favorite bands: PANTERA!!! GODSMACK, Metallica (before the Black album), Orgy, Static-X, Soulfly, and any band that makes me want to get naked! ;o)

11. What do you do for a living?
Currently I work for the Government, and do a little dabbling in the modeling world. Hopefully when I launch my own business that is what I will be doing.

12. Biggest weekness: SHOES and CLOTHES! Rock Stars! (Dave Navarro once again!)

13. What age did you lose your virginity and how was it?
16, and it wasnt the best experience I have ever had.

14. How many boyfriends have you had and have you ever cheated on one?
2 serious ones that lasted more than a year. Yes, I cheated on one and I would never say that I would do that again. TOO much trouble involved.

15. What’s your typical Saturday night consist of?
Usually catching a show (concert). But usually I am just too busy to have a normal Saturday night off…always working on something.

16. If you could have sex with any rock star, who would it be?
I bet I cant eat just one! There are too many to choose just one! ;o) So if I have to choose… DAVE NAVARRO! (Obviously) But if he is not considered a rock star Fred Durst…all the Playmates do it so why not? Phil Anselmo is on my list too! lol ummmm and Matt Zane!!!!

17. The way to my heart is: Let me have my way! or (BIG surprise…be Dave)

18. How do you feel about being our May Sludgette Of The Month?
Honored, right up there with being a Playmate…hoping to be Sludgette of the Year! LOL YEAH! And Dave if you are reading this…

19. Personal Motto: Something WICKED this way comes

Congratulations to Tiger! If she makes the pages of Playboy, you can say you saw her here first!

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