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Sludgette of the Month – June 2003, Amy “Stalker Jr” Romano



Amy Romano

"Stalker Jr!"

This month’s Sludgette Of The Month is the first to have a sister who is also a Sludgette Of The Month! Amy’s sister is the infamous Lisa The Stalker, who was our June 2002 Sludgette Of The Month and now a year later, her little sister Amy is following in her footsteps. If we can get their other sister to be a Sludgette Of The Month for June 2004, we can carry on the tradition next year!

Congratulations to "Stalker Jr" for being our June 2003 Sludgette Of The Month!

Amy’s DataSheet

1. Name and age: Amy Romano, though I’m normally called Moo, Mini Moo, Stool, Stalker or Aim. Despite my appearance of being no older than 16 I am actually 19 years old.

2. Height, weight, and measurements: 5’1, I range between 89-91lbs, has for my measurements, well, lets just say nothing impressive. I will say proportionally petite.

3. Where are you from?

I’m from Florida, but currently live in San Diego. Not what I thought it’d be here, but it’s cool.

4. Ambitions: Well, in High School I had my life all planned out. Graduate, join the military but, as luck would have it, my lung collapsed and halted those plans. So I moved out to Cali. work a shitty that just makes the rent. My ambitions now.. well, I don’t know. Maybe move to LA or back to Florida, hit up concerts, more road trips, college will fit in there somewhere along with a job that will allow me to up and leave but come back. May not sound like much, but I don’t know what to do with my life, so I’m just doing what makes me happy for now.

6. Turn-offs: rude people, unibrows, if you cough or sneeze and don’t cover your mouth. Guys who wear flip-flops. Feet, feet, feet. I’m so not a foot person. Close-minded people. Guys who think it looks cool to wear jeans so low their ass hangs over the belt. Rotted teeth, hairy hairy backs. People who point out I look 13. Once again sure there are more, but this is all I can think of.

7. Favorite bands: GWAR, Skid Row, Poison, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, WASP, Orgy, Cinderella, Tesla, DBX, System of a Down, Mr. Big, Judas Priest, Great White, Motley Crue, Billy Joel, Lefty, Saturday’s Child, and Anthrax. There are more, but these are just the main ones.

8. What do you do for a living?

Besides "working" behind Dennys, I do have a real job, and no it’s not stalking either. I work at a Fast/Dine in restaurant called Off The Grill. Not one of the best jobs out there, but it pays the bills, but not enough to where I can save up for concerts. I don’t plan to be at this job forever..Cool thing about my job though is, there is this chick, Jessica, that works there who listens to Twisted Sister, Suicidal Tendencies, and just randomly at work, she’ll break out in song, singing some AC/DC song. About the only cool thing at work. My job really sucks and I want a new one.

9. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Day 3. I remember Lisa calling me over to the computer, she was all twitching and telling me to look at this awesome site she found. Been hooked since then. Hard to imagine I’ve been coming here this long.

10. You were spotted in LA at our last Metal Sludge Extravaganza but you couldn’t get in because you were underage. Did you come all the way out to LA just for our party?

For a matter of fact I did. I also went knowing there would be a chance I’d be stuck in the parking lot all night. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Chrissy and Lisa took turns visiting me, Amanda, Victoria, Ette, Billy, Carla, Skinwalker, Neil, a few others too, they all talked to me for awhile. You guys rock! It began to get cold out there, which sucked, but not as bad as when I had to pee. Paladinos can blow me. I had to pee so badly and they wouldn’t let me use the bathroom. Luckily though someone outside drove me to a gas station. Another exciting moment out in the parking lot was when some crazy lady was squealing her tires and circling the club screaming for her daughter. She then proceeded to try and kick some dudes in the balls and grabbed one guy and was screaming in his face asking what he did with her daughter. LA is cool.

Sludgeaholic Of The Year Soichi and Amy!

11. Your sister was a Sludgette Of The Month last year. What tips or advice has she given you now that it’s your turn in the spotlight?

None. She did nothing, just let me do what I was doing. Guess she didn’t need to? Who knows. She did give me other tips and advice, you can make friends quick by offering up other people’s houses after shows for a crash pad, when drinking Jim Bean, be sure to drink plenty of water that night during and after the drinking so you’re okay to see the show tomorrow night. Guess nothing real significant there.. except when she told me "you play with fire and you’re bound to get burned" Yes not her own words, but she knows the worth and truth behind them.

12. When most of the bands Metal Sludge covers were at the height of their career, you were a baby. What attracts your to this genre of music?

I thank my older brother Nick and other sister Chrissy for listening to this music and not some other crap. Probably from the moment I was brought home they were playing this music for me. Nick with Maiden and AC/DC, Chrissy playing Skid Row and Poison, and even Lisa would play some Crue and Cooper for me. I was raised on the music and been hooked. I’ve broken out of the shell and discovered other bands, SOAD, Cradle of Filth, Orgy, Zombie, Saturday’s Child (www.ourbandrocks.com) I still prefer this genre of music over any type. I’m glad some bands are still touring so I can see them, sure they aren’t at the height of their career anymore, but I’m still thankful to see them, cause when I was a kid I never thought I would.

13. You went to your prom with a blowup doll wearing a Metal Sludge shirt. Did your friends still talk to you after that?

Surprisingly, yes. Infact I think a few more people started talking to me. A lot of people thought it was really cool, so cool during the graduation ceremony these guys in the row in front of me were blowing up a blow up doll, and then preceded to toss her around us kids. Not many knew what the Metal Sludge shirt was about so it didn’t mean anything to them. They all live under rocks.

14. Have you seen a grown man naked yet?

Do you like Gladator movies? Ever been to a Turkish Prison? Does my blowup doll count? No? okay. Well, if I haven’t, can I see you naked? And if I have, can I still see you naked?

15. What rock star would you be most willing to stalk?

After stalking GWAR forever, it took time to think of someone. But I did. I can’t tell you, cause if by some small chance they read this, their personal security guards would be all over my ass before I even begin. No way I’m missing out on another chance to travel all over the place. NY, IL, IN, SC, RI, TX.. etc.. be cool to hit up some of those places again.

16. Five items I can’t live without: 1) Road trips (equaling concerts, music..) 2) The next exit book. Without that book we may never would have found food or a rest stop or even our final destination. 3) A car. If it wasn’t for a car, I might still be walking to NY for a show! 4) Friends. I need them to do this shit with me, tell me I’m crazy or tell me to go ahead and do it, live life to the fullest. And 5) My Metal Sludge shirt. Without that, I’d be nothing. Maybe not nothing, but life wouldn’t be as fun without it. I know you asked for 5, but I realized friends aren’t an item. So, I’ll thrown in another item. 6) Money. Speaks for itself. I need money to do everything

17. The way to my heart is: You got to be you. Don’t try and act different to impress me. Brains are a must.. I don’t mean just having one, you got to be smart. Make up for what I lack..haha. Hugs, I like receiving them, probably more than some box of chocolates and roses. I like surprises, whether it is going to the movies or a few Daisies. Don’t treat me like I’m made of glass. Also I’m a sap. Say the right words, do the right thing, and I’m yours. Just don’t take advantage of that. Have to be honest and sincere. Don’t hide something from me, even if you think it’ll hurt. It’ll hurt worse if I find out for myself. So just be upfront and honest. And if you buy me vodka.. You score brownie points.

18. How do you feel being our June 2003 Sludgette Of The Month?

It’s like winning Miss America. You see it happen but never expect it’ll happen to you! okay, really? It is really cool. Much better than other honors I’ve had. Pppffftttt who needs to know I won 3rd place in states for FBLA? No one, Being a sludgette of the month though, that’s what people want to know. Hahaha, this is really cool..So.. while I have a moment I would like to say something…. Start saving your pennies. July 15th, DBX (side project of gwars) has an album coming out. Songs for the Wrong. Buy it! You know you want to. (shameless plug)

19. Personal Motto: Live your life for yourself, don’t live it to please others, please yourself first. Live your dreams.

-"It’s my life and it’s now or never, cause I ain’t gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I’m alive."

-"Time washes clean love’s wounds unseen"

-"If you wanna live life on your own terms, you gotta be willingly to crash and burn"

Thanx for picking me!! This means I’m cool now, right guys?!?

Amy "Stalker Jr."


Congratulations to Amy for being our June 2003 Sludgette Of The Month!


5. Turn-ons: Smart guys, big arms, not too big, but nice decent size. If you play an instrument, and I don’t mean like the Piccolo (sp?) or the Recorder. Going to concerts, guys who love football. Older guys. Has for looks about a guy.. Long or short hair, brown or blonde, whatever looks good, big eyes, blue, green eyes, I do like ears that aren’t attached to the head. Skateboarders, Musicians. I can’t really think of any more. I’m sure after I send this in, a whole dozen of turns on will pop in my mind.


Some Lizzy Borden looking dude and Stalker Jr!

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