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Zakk Wylde Threatens Interviewer! 8/22/02



Rock stars snapping is something we all look forward to here at Metal Sludge. It makes for good posts! This time it’s not Sebitchian who’s threatening a interviewer, it’s Zakk Wylde.

On Monday, August 19th, it seems Zakk got a little upset with a local DJ in St. Louis. This is the story:

Yesterday at Ozzfest St. Louis, my best friend and a local DJ were hanging out with Zakk on the bus after the BLS set. Long story short (which I’ll be happy to give you the blow by blow if interested) is the DJ (Guy Favazz – KSHE95) got 5 questions into an interview when he asked about the rumors on Mike Piazza (Zakk’s best friend and Godfather of one of his children as you know) being gay. Zakk flipped and long story short….tried to kill the guy and almost hurt my friends in the process…..the result – a trashed minidisc recorder, but one perfectly in tact recording of Zakk’s "roid rage" caught on CD. I think it’s the first time his outbursts like that have been documented. I’m leaving this off the gossip boards in case you would like a copy of the disc – kinda like the drunken Vince interview. All 500 of the "F" words are edited out, but Favazz is enraged at how he was treated when only "addressing" the rumor and almost thrown through the side of a tourbus, while an even bigger security gaurd for Zakk stood by in approval. My buddy is 6’7" and almost shit himself it was so bad. Let me know how i can get this to you or if i can somehow just get you a soundfile.

We don’t need a soundfile, we have a fucking MP3 of it! Now you at home can listen to this!

It’s 9 minutes long and on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s probably a 6 or 7 on the snapping factor. Not as good as what Sebitchian can do and not as entertaining as Vince Neil on Rockline, but entertaining enough. Zakk does need to unclench his buttocks, and release the bitterness. Maybe his beard is suffocating him and he’s not getting enough oxygen to his brain. The question about Piazza wasn’t that brutal or really worth getting that stressed about. We’ve definitely asked worse!


The Dj this happened to posted the following on BlackLabelSociety.net

Hello Everyone…I’d like to set the record straight on what happened on Zakk’s bus Monday evening. I must first say that while Zakk and I aren’t "friends" he has known me for the past five years. He co-hosted with me on my show 5 years ago…picking out all the music, etc. It was a thrill of a lifetime. We then went out to strip clubs and bars where Zakk jumped on stage at each place and ripped their collective heads off. Once when BLS came through town Zakk and I were out again taking in the strip clubs. I say all this to give you a little background on our relationship which I would have described as friendly but we weren’t buds.

My good friend Randy Cannis set up the interview. He was with me along with his friend Matt, two others who I didn’t know and Zakk’s tour manager and bodyguard. Right off the bat I could tell that he was a little agitated for whatever reason. I was taping it on a mini disc player to be played back when I got back to our broadcast van from inside the venue. I asked Zakk to try and not use curse words because I couldn’t edit from there. He started cursing almost immediately.

The interview was going along fine although I could tell that this wasn’t quite the same Zakk I’ve known in the past. My question about Piazza was brought up in a joking way…in fact, it was right after Zakk stated he keeps his wife’s pussy juice in his beard during the tour. I said, "So what’s this crap about Mike Piazza being a homosexual…did you guys ever hook up"…everyone on the bus laughed. Zakk said, "How wouuld you like it if I shoved that microphone up your ass"..again we all laughed but then he turned on me. He told me it wasn’t funny…that he’d like to kick me off the goddamn bus and break my fucking neck. I immediately apologized twice but to no avail. I honestly thought Zakk would laugh it off and say something like, "oh c’mon man…do you want him"…you know, totally blow it off.

The look on his face was incredible. I knew he was ready to swing at me…I’m no dummy. It would have been lights out for me. Instead he punched the mini disc player in hopes of breaking it but it didn’t break. All the audio is there. I then got the fuck off the bus as quickly as I could.

I gotta tell ya…it was very upsetting. I would have never asked that question or joked about had I thought Zakk wouldn’t joke right back with me. It wasn’t staged…it’s real. Zakk then threatened to "fucking kill me"…I took it seriously.

So, just to let you know it’s real. I apologized to Zakk on the spot which did no good. I think he then totally over-reacted. It’s too bad really. I would like to remember Zakk the way that it was a few years ago when he wasn’t back with Ozzy. I still love jamming to the guy and love his style on stage but it’s not the same Zakk I met back in 1997.

Favazz-KSHE 95 Afternoon drive 1-6.

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