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Sludgeaholic of the Month – July 2005, Garbageman




Our July 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month grew up in the land of sunshine, silicon implants, and the Sunset Strip — Los Angeles, California! He’s been there since the 80s, and has worked with, drank with, and vomited with some of Hollywood’s most infamous figures. Those who read the Gossip Board know that he has no shortage of useless information to spew on just about every topic!

Let’s congratulate Garbageman (a.k.a. "Trashy"), Metal Sludge’s (and perhaps the world’s) first-ever certified Trashsocioculturist and our July 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month.

1. Who are you, where are you from, and how old are you?

Kirk Anderson, also known online as Trashy. I?m over 21? OK, I?m 37. I?m from the L.A. suburbs that can best be described as ?beyond the valley.?

2. Ambitions: Of course I?d love to have my own TV channel. There are too many channels that are geared to housewives and not enough channels aimed at the sleazier bunch. I say how about a channel programmed by me, Joe Bob Briggs, Lux & Ivy from the Cramps, Rob Zombie, Tarantino, Rob Zombie, Dave Wyndorf, John Waters, and even Kung-Fu movies chosen by the Wu-Tang guys! Someone has to do a channel like that in this PC world dammit! The fact there’s not even reruns of "Hee Haw" on cable anymore disgusts me!

But back to reality? These days I?m looking to help merchandise bands. Many of these bands Sludge covers don?t seem to know that they could be seeing some checks if they took the time to print some shirts and such merchandise. It?s still a few years before the home computer printer will be able to do what a 12 color screen press does on a shirt, so they should exploit it now in case it becomes like an MP3!

3: Turn-ons: Pale skinned girls with more tattoos than me, silver tequila, animal print, tikis, beer, hot sauce, novelty lighting, Russ Meyer movies, New Orleans, Coop devil girl art, BBQ, roller coasters, Absolut mixed with Metal Sludge sponsor Monster Energy Drink, well made enchiladas, and girls wearing silver from http://hellkats-la.com !

4.Turnoffs: Oprah, waking up before noon, GW & his cronies, modern ?pop? country, religion? organized or not, coffee addicts, and all the press about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes!

5. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Brent Muscat told me about it when he did his first interview in ?99. I?ve been looking at things on the front page ever since and have been on the boards since late 2001.

6. Favorite bands: The Cramps, Monster Magnet, Nashville Pussy, Turbonegro, the Damned, Motorhead, Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Motochrist, Generation X, David Bowie, Supersuckers, Backyard Babies, Smack, Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction, The Hangmen, Jim Carroll Band, Betty Blowtorch, Blondie, The Cult, Dead Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Silverhead, Johnny Thunders, Lords of the New Church, Black Halos, Dixie Witch, Sasquatch, Honky, Nine Pound Hammer, Texas Terri, the Faces, Dictators, Go Fast, Faster Pussycat, Alabama Thunderpussy, Junkyard, Mother Love Bone, Girlschool, Danzig, G?NR, Nebula, The Upper Crust, Nymphs, Redd Kross, Godfathers, Crank County Daredevils, Nick Cave, Runaways, Ramones, Black Sabbath, COC, Sisters of
Mercy, and so on?

Trashy in a Faster Pusscat Video
Who’s that circled in the crowd? Why, that’s Garbageman’s surprise cameo appearance in the video for Faster Pussycat’s "Don’t Change That Song!" How cool is that?

7. Least favorite bands: Journey, Firehouse, Styx, Stryper, Warrant, Jethro Tull, Limp Bizkit, REO Speedwagon, 3 Doors Down, Dokken, Van Hagar, and Boston lead a long list!

8. What do you do for a living?

I work for a screen printing company called Applied Pressure. In a bit of irony, the company was once the printer of the sludgendise sold on this site as well as a lot of band shirts you?ll see around. Any bands that want killer shirts should have a look at http://appliedpressure.com .

9. You’ve hung out and worked with tons of musicians. Who was the coolest and who was the biggest prick?

That?s tough to break down? I have met too many! As far as coolest experience, I have to say Stiv Bators. I was a huge fan going back? and well the short story involved leaving the old Scream at the Embassy Hotel downtown at around 4am. Somehow I ended up hearing ?well we?re riding with this kid? and next thing I knew, I had Stiv, their current bassist Alistar, and 4 girls piled into my old Toyota Celica heading for the Hollywood Hills. Alistar was in the back seat with two gals while Stiv was riding shotgun with two nice girls on his lap and doing whatever he was snorting with one girl while another kept putting her hand in my crotch while I was trying to shift gears. Stiv was one of the true originals.

As for who was the coolest to me with zero reason to do so: Billy Gibbons. I was working at the Sunset Virgin Megastore in the mid-90?s and he came in and was buying a lot of $45 Japanese blues imports. I said hi and that I was going to try and head down to the Petersen Auto Museum to see some of the cars from his collection that were one display. He told me to give him my name and he?d have his secretary in Texas send
me passes. A few days later a package arrived with a ZZ Top key chain (that I still use) as well as a baseball cap and a 8×10 autographed photo. I was floored but laughed that the package didn?t have the Petersen passes? which arrived a day later in another package. I?m very jaded as far as meeting people, but the fact he did that still impresses me.

And as for being the coolest that I?m around on a regular basis, Danny Nordahl is the king of rock ?n roll as far as I?m concerned. 10 minutes around him still makes me amazed that guy walks this earth! His story is his to tell sometime? but trust me, his life
makes ?The Dirt? look like a Highlights Magazine piece of fiction.

Now for the prick part? I know from experience that sometimes there are ?handlers? that have to be dicks for people with even a bit of stature. So naming someone personally as far as being an asshole is tough to do. I?ll give the 3 strikes rule to people no problem? be it a handler or the rocker themselves.

I have my bad Yngwie run-in, I have my bad Dave Gahan experience? and the 80?s Dokken folk were no picnic either?

But the only one who?s gone past the 3 strikes is Amir Derakh. I think anyone who has nice things to say about that guy is probably lying through their teeth!

10. You post as Garbageman, but everyone calls you Trashy. What?s up with that?

Well Garbageman is far too formal of a name! Trashy came from someone (not sure who) at one of the chatrooms/boards I was hanging around several years back? probably either the Danzig 7th House or KNAC.

Trashy and Jetboy
Trashy joins Jetboy on stage at the Hollywood Rocks Box Set release party, June 22, 2005. Speaking of the Hollywood Rocks Box Set (which you can buy RIGHT HERE), Trashy is the author of the biography for The Joneses, contained in the way cool box set booklet!

11. Yes or no, have you ever:

Met Sebastian Bach = I met him at Bordello the week the first Skid Row record came out. No one knew who he was since they hadn?t shown up in the press or MTV yet. He had whoever it was with him get me a beer on their expense account, so he?s ok by me!
Been caught having sex = Not that I know of. Although I often wonder if any security company caught the actions of me and an ex who had a habit of doing it at ATM machines late at night.
Held hands with a midget = It depends on what you call the height limit for a midget. I?ve been out with girls under 5 feet tall so it?s possible.
Worn a clown suit in public = No…I have some dignity, dammit! The closest I can think of is a Dangerous Toys t-shirt with that clown logo.
Been thrown off an airplane = Almost once, flying back from the first Arizona Cathouse/last show of the Motley "Dr Feelgood" tour in Phoenix in 1990. There was a large group of us traveling together? most of the gang intoxicated. We were forced from our hotel suites by a noon check-out and had nothing to do to kill the 8 hours before our flight home but enjoy the poolside bar (our group was later banned from returning to the resort). Following the manager hosted happy hour that allowed us all 5 free drinks, some people had a hard time walking long enough to get onto the plane. Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon got in a physical fight with another passenger who wasn?t amused by Shannon yelling things in response to the pilot?s announcements. When the captain alerted us to fasten our seat belts, Shannon yelled "I don’t know who sat here before me but it must have been one fat motherfucker." When they announced the L.A. weather report, he screamed "We don’t give a fuck what the temperature is just bring us some fuckin’ alcohol!" One passenger got made and he and Shannon got into it for a second before being seperated. The plane stopped ascending and leveled off. The more sober of us thought we were definitely headed back to Phoenix, but for whatever reason, the plane stayed on course to LAX? through a lightning storm no less. People kept yelling There?s a man on the wing! There?s a man on the wing!? The cabin crew seemed to refuse to serve drinks to anyone with long hair and tattoos for the rest of the flight. We were greeted by airport security and the LAPD at the gate and briefly detained, but no one was arrested.
Seen a rock show at Magic Mountain = I saw a ton of shows there in the same theater where Spinal Tap played their ?jazz odyssey.? Gigs there ranged from Motley Crue in 1982 to the Lords of the New Church to just about every band on the ?Valley Girl? soundtrack. It seemed like Sparks played there a dozen times. And no, I wasn?t there when Kiss met the phantom!
Jacked off while looking at the Gossip Boards = I?ve never been inspired to do that before, but if I see the right thread?
Ate at Roscoe?s Chicken and Waffles and El Pollo Loco in the same day = No since I?m not that big on El Pollo Loco.
Had sex at Disneyland = I tried but Snow White just wasn?t having it?

Trashy, TheMetalChick, and some other guy pose at the Bow

12. 5 CDs I can?t live without:

Cramps- Psychedelic Jungle
David Bowie- Aladdin Sane
Monster Magnet- Dopes to Infinity
The ?Nuggets? box set
Motorhead- Stone Deaf Forever!

13. How many Sludgettes do you think you’ll get to bang as a result of being chosen as our July SOTM, and which one is first?

What? They put out? All the whispers I?ve heard are about sludgettes being chaste! Is this like a secret club thing where now that I?m Sludgeaholic of the month girls might be willing to have sex with me?

I think I?ll just paraphrase some Nashville Pussy lyrics and say ?There?s a million sludge girls that drive me crazy? I?d fuck ?em all, but I?m too lazy!?

14. The Last of Trashy:

Last CD you purchased = I paid 27 bucks for Turbonegro?s new record. I like it? but I still hate paying that amount! The new Nine Pound Hammer just arrived in the mail from the fine folks at Acetate Records. People should check that out at http://acetate.com !
Last famous person or celebrity you met = That guy Pearcy that sang in the less entertaining version of Ratt.
Last book you read = ?Gentlemanly Repose? by Michael Ruffino of Unband fame/infamy. Highly recommended for sludgeaholics who like stories of bands that tour at the level many bands covered on this site are at.
Last present someone gave you = One square inch of Hell? Hell, Michigan! I have the deed for it. Trust me, I?m developing condos!
Last time you went to a graveyard = I went to Hollywood Forever (again) with sludgette Polexxia. If you go to findagrave.com you?ll see the famed graves. We went to more infamous graves, like Dee Dee Ramone, Bianca (Butthole) Halstead, and Johnny Ramone?s memorial statue. In a couple weeks, they?re going to show ?Rock ?n Roll High School? against the wall of one of the mausoleum so I?ll be there for that.
Last concert you attended = The last week included the Hollywood Rocks show at the Key Club, Whitesnake at the Sunset House of Blues, & The Atomic Bitchwax at the Knitting Factory.
Last time you went to the rodeo = Rodeo Houston in 2003 at Reliant Stadium? Seeing ZZ Top and some pathetic teen girl who had to be carted out after a calf moving at 8mph hit her during a cattle scramble!
Last Sludgeaholic you met in real life = I see a lot of the L.A. Sludgers constantly. But the newest sludgeaholic I met was DizzysRQ? who was cute as hell!
Last porn you watched = ?Porn Stars From Mars? which had Ron Jeremy as president alongside martian girls painted green with purple nipples like Coop style art.
Last time you got butt-wasted = Around question 5 or 6?

Trashy and Nate
Garbageman paying his respects at Dee Dee Ramone’s gravesite with our April 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month, Mr. Nate S. Axel!

15. How do you feel about being our June 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month?

That?s a question for June SOTM Magilla Van Zeppelin! (oops…)

I?m thrilled to be the july Sludgeaholic. Especially now that there?s an inkling of hope that Sludgettes might have sex with me! Plus I?m glad I can give the school teachers on vacation and victims of July fourth fireworks mishaps something to read while they?re stuck inside!

16. Personal Motto:

"The liver is evil? it must be punished!"

Now that was fun! Doesn’t Trashy seem like a cool guy to go drinking with? Of course he does! So if you’re planning on going on a 3-day bender, be sure to invite the one and only Garbageman to come along.

Congratulations to Garbageman on being our July 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month!

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