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What can we possibly say about this?
From top to bottom we have Jon E. Love, Joey Gold, Skid and Jizzy is the one on the bottom right who looks like he just stuck a fork in a light socket. These are all from 1986.

You won’t be finding these photos on Jizzy Pearl’s site or any Love/Hate site. And after looking at King Jizzo’s hair, we can’t say we blame him!

When these photos were taken Josie Pearl was about 6 or 7 years old

Love/Hate and The Zeros, together on one bill!

Here is some really rare stuff that hasn’t been seen too much before!

This is the rare ass EP that Love/Hate put out when they were called Data Clan. It was put out in 1985.
Skid is Chris Rose and Jizzy was Jim Wilkinson.
These 2 scans are of the front and back cover.

Skid, Jizzy, Jon, some dude, and Joey
Wang Chung Lite!

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