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Mark Slaughter in Xcursion.

Looks like the Warrant outfits from the Heaven video.

These photos are from 1982 of Dana in his band Modern Design. It’s before he learned how to pout.


Notice the mullet! His new name should be Dana Strumullet!

Nice chest hair. He looks like are reject from Miami Vice.

After Duran Duran Jr, Dana ended up in a band called Spanos. This is their LP from 1984, and it’s also signed by him.

Dude, what’s up with the fucking hair?



And of course we can’t forget Dana in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion! These are from 1987!


What’s up with Dana’s lipstick and Mark’s eyeshadow?

They look like either rejects from Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s Circus or 2 crack whores!

"I want you to avoid Metal Sludge."

Can anybody say metal poser?

Nice hair

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