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That guy standing up behind Jani is none other than Steven Sweet!

When Warrant first came out, they had big hair but they were never as glam as say, Poison. But that wasn’t always the case with Mr. Jani Lane. These are photos of Jani Lane from 1985 in his band Plain Jane when they first hit Hollywood. The band also included Warrant drummer Steven Sweet.

Cute boa!

Who would have guessed that Jani would have went from those pictures up above to this in 2002:

Fame, ain’t it a bitch?

Now onto the rest of Warrant

Warrant’s Original Lineup – 1984
Erik, Jerry, Adam (singer), Max (drummer), and Josh (guitar)

Warrant, Spring 1985, with the original logo

1985 with Erik on the left and Jerry on the right

Warrant with Jani and Josh Lewis, 1986

Notice how "appiontment" is spelled. It should be appointment.

Warrant 1987


A few flyers from 1987

Looks like Jani might almost have a mullet. It’s close.
By the way, the chick in the photo with Jani is none other than porn star Janine, before her porn career.

1-800-Jani? More like 1-800-Lame

From 1988

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