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Peter Steele Not Dead, 5/14/05


Peter Steele
The World Sighs in Relief

Looks like the rampant rumors suggesting that Peter Steele croaked yesterday were exactly that: rampant rumors. Blabbermouth.net posted the following today:

TYPE O NEGATIVE’s PETER STEELE Is Not Dead – May 14, 2005

Despite a message on the band’s official web site that seems to suggest otherwise, TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele HAS NOT DIED.

The band, who are famous for their dark sense of humor, have spent much of the last few months preparing material for their SPV Records debut, which is expected to be recorded later in the year.

TYPE O NEGATIVE cancelled their U.S. tour last fall in order to allow Steele to undergo further tests after "undisclosed anomalies" were discovered during a medical exam. A February 11, 2005 update on Peter’s condition from TYPE O NEGATIVE drummer Johnny Kelly stated, "There really isn’t much to report other than he’s doing fine and his health is improving daily."

TYPE O NEGATIVE, whose first album, "Slow, Deep and Hard", was issued in 1991, fulfilled their contractual obligations to longtime label Roadrunner with the release of 2003’s "Life Is Killing Me". That album debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at No. 39 in June 2003 after registering a first-week sales tally of 27,023 copies. TYPE O NEGATIVE’s best-selling album to date is 1994’s "Bloody Kisses", which has shifted nearly a million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Well, we suppose that?s good to know. Though not everyone took the news so lightly.

In fact, our own Donna Anderson was a little upset about all this. Here?s what she had to say about it:

Today was fucked up to begin with: I woke up in a Chevron bathroom missing a pair of my favorite "fuck me" heels and a fake eyelash, only to hear the news that Pete Steele might have bit the big one. I?ve got no problems admitting that I?m a Type O fan, so of course I was concerned.

By the time I bummed enough cab fare to get back to a computer today, I found out it all seemed to be some kind of morbid publicity stunt. What the Sam fuck?!

Stage a band fight if you want publicity. Or say someone went into rehab, checked into a mental facility, teabagged a security guy’s head, or hit a fan with a bottle. You don?t have to say someone died! Think about your fans. People were fucked up all morning about this (well, a few of us anyway) and you never know how people will react. Some people were obviously bummed, and a few people might have even gone off the deep end.

Look at what happened when Kurt Cobain died! What if someone flipped out and blew their brains out thinking that Peter bought the fucking farm? You gotta keep your crazy fans in mind when you do this kind of shit.

I just think it sucks big hairy dick that they had to resort to a desperate fucked way to get attention. And to any Type O fans offended by this? Fuck you in advance too.

I?m out like a lame publicity stunt.

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson

Well, that was nice of Donna to chime in!

We did hear a few comments that Friday the 13th is to Type O Negative fans what April 1st is to everybody else in the world. Well, if people didn?t know that, they obviously didn?t get the joke. And we just don?t care either way. We just report this crap.

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