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Responses to the Pretty Boy Floyd drama! 6/30/05



Band members, ex-band members, and the ‘mean old booking agent’ reply!

Looks like our post yesterday caused quite a stir! Shows you what a slow news week it?s been.

If you?re just now catching up, go back and read yesterday?s post, dillweed. But if that?s too much trouble for you, we?ll sum it up by saying that we basically posted a press release sent out by 3 guys from the Peppermint Creeps, who (until yesterday) doubled as hired gun players in the latest incarnation of Pretty Boy Floyd. They went off on an insane, disgrunteled rant claiming that the booking agent (Chuck from Artists Worldwide) and Steve ?Sex? Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd screwed them out of a slot on the upcoming Faster Pussycat tour, for which PBF was slated to support.

Not only did we get responses from both Pretty Boy Floyd frontman Steve ?Seventy Percent? Summers and ?Good Time? Chuck Bernal (a.k.a. ?the mean old booking agent? from Artists Worldwide), but we also got a lengthy response to our post from the Peppermint Creeps themselves! Let?s see what they all had to say.

From Chuck Bernal, CEO of Artists Worldwide:

Re: Peppermint Creeps

First off I would like to say I have seen them several times and they sound and look great. Always have a great crowd in Los Angeles and even some of the national acts request them to open. For some reason the band was under the impression that they were offered a tour which I can assure you was never the case. As much as I would like this to happen for the boys the promoters would rather use their top locals in each area. Understandable.

I have no idea why they ridicule the Agency in their press statement. I have maybe had a 10 second conversation with them regarding the tour and don’t book them. I wish them good luck in the future.

From Steve ?Sex? Summers:

Hey Sludgers,

Pretty Boy Floyd will be supporting Faster Pussycat on their up coming short Midwest run.

The Peppermint Creeps will not be involved but I wish them the very best.

As for the rest of this is concerned – I have no comment.

Steve "Sex" Summers / Pretty Boy Floyd

Faster Pussycat & Pretty Boy Floyd tour dates:

08/03/05 FARGO, ND RICK’S
08/06/05 CHICAGO, IL TBA

Well, that was nice of Steve to drop by and say hello! Speaking of which, we heard a rumor that Steve ?Sex? Summers and Eddie Electrica from Peppermint Creeps are actually roommates! At least, they were up until recently. Do you care? Of course not, unless you?re looking for a roommate, in which case, these guys are both probably looking for roommates as well. So give them a call.

And of course, those Peppermint Creeps couldn?t let another opportunity to clamor for press go by. Here?s an e-mail we got from them as well. It?s kind of, uh, long. You?ve been warned!

Hilarious Article!

Metal Sludge always a good time! The email sent out however was not a "press release", it was an email to our fans / friends who have a right to know what’s going on, in case some of your readers haven’t figured it out yet, we are the Creeps ? not RUSH …spelling is not important here. Bottom line is that we were LIED to, to get us to do this tour for peanuts , while others take in the Lion’s Share. The only reason we would EVER agree to do that is if it were TO BENEFIT the Creeps. The ONLY reason we did PBF, was for the Creeps. If the CREEPS are not getting anything out of it (as we were promised from the get-go), there is NO REASON for us to continue. Secondly, we were not "covering our ass" from Taime or anyone else in Faster Pussycat. They simply were not involved from what we know. If they were involved no doubt, we’d be talking and backing up just as much shit, but they weren’t. We could give a FUCK about stepping on someone’s toes or one’s personal feelings .We are the Peppermint CREEPS not the Peppermint FRIENDS.

As far as who really is bringing the heads in to the shows ..Just Ask the Whisky, Keyclub, etc. etc.

The people who don’t like us, TUFF! You can make fun of us, call us every name in the book, you can wish the worst on us. IT HAS NO EFFECT. You’re still NEVER going to stop us, we will be ruthlessly in your face, crashing the TV shows you watch, Still "posing" even at "age 40" , hanging out with Hamburglar and Ronald MCDonald, and whatever else it is we do that OH SO INTRIGUES you! Your negativity gives us strength! Whether we "make the bigtime" or not is unimportant, at least to us anyways. Our only goal is to IRRITATE you, and we will continue to stand for the kids that get fucked with by closed minded assholes … But YOU will know who we are, in fact you DO know who we are!

See, this is how it works. …

(1) Crusty Vintage Metal Dude with brown hair talking shit about Peppermint Creeps to his hip Kid, younger friend or coworker etc.

(2) Younger person is intrigued, checks the shit out, HOLY SHIT the Creeps sound like the bands THEY actually listen to and not the crusty vintage 80’s bullshit he thought it would be (at least judging by the source it came from) "But they look so different from the other pop punk bands…" WTF?!?!?!

(3) KID buys our merch, Kid turns all their friends onto the Creeps, MORE MERCH IS BOUGHT at http://peppermintcreeps.tripod.com/id28.html ! Subliminal messages then encourage kids to deviate from the norm.

Thanks once again METAL SLUDGE readers for helping to make us a household name! And we SINCERLY recommend that if you are in a band, to advertise with METAL SLUDGE. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!! Now if you’ll excuse us, we have orders to ship off…. Don’t forget to check out our MYSPACE page for Free Downloads, brainwashing, and sexual deviancy! Go to http://www.myspace.com/creeps


Well, uh, thanks for whatever that was. Everyone probably could have done without the step-by-step instructions, but we did notice the effort. But what?s with the hate of brown hair? Is it the fact that Steve ?Sex? Summers and Chuck Bernal both have brown hair? That?s not very nice. Business is one thing, but that?s getting kind of personal! Not everyone feels comfortable walking around in public with fire alarm red hair, you know. Meanies.

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