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10 Questions with Monkey Cocktail, 8/21/05



This week’s Up ‘N Sludgers are called Monkey Cocktail. Do you care? Probably not but here it is anyway. Hopefully you’ll read it and will find something entertaining here! We found a few things, but you can be the judge of that. Anyway, here it is.

Monkey Cocktail1. Who the hell are you and where can people find out shit about your band?

The band is Monkey Cocktail and we are a rock band based out of Valparaiso, Indiana (about a half hour out of Chicago). The band is Jack Adams (lead vox/guitar), David Carl (bkg vox, lead guitar), Shawn Michael Farrell (bkg vox, bass guitar) and Tony Schoon (drums). We write and perform our own straight-ahead rock music. We basically have two live shows, an all original show which we do when opening for nationals, and a show where we combine our music with a variety of rock/pop covers for an evening of fun and entertainment. More at www.monkeycocktail.com

2. What exactly is the goal for your little band?

DC: Oh, I don’t know….world domination?

3. What the fuck kind of a name for a band is "Monkey Cocktail," anyway? Who’s the drunk that coined that name, and how many seconds did it take them to come up with it?

DC: When we found out we couldn’t legally use the original name (Dying Breed) due to trademark laws, we had to come up with something we thought no one in their right mind would have already named their band. I’m actually the catalyst (cattle what?) for the new name, no matter what Mr Adams says. I saw a clip of an ape sitting in the jungle, pissing straight up into the air and drinking his own juice like he was at a wate fountain. Someone had captioned the clip "monkey martini". At our next rehearsal, I was telling the band how funny it was, and I mistakenly told them it was called a monkey cocktail. Jack shouted out "Monkey Cocktail…that’s the new band name!!!" We kinda thought "naah, this ain’t gonna happen." Well, for lack of any other epiphanies, and because we could never all agree on other names anyway, this became our choice. We did a trademark search and legally made the name ours. At the time, we didn’t know a monkey cocktail is a mixed drink some bars sell. We were just trying to put two words together, get a trademark, and get on with our lives. How’s that for a long fucking answer? That’s our name, deal with it.

JA: When it was just a name, I thought it was cool at imagined all of the cool marketing opportunities. When I saw the actual video, even I was somewhat repulsed, especially when he went back for a second drink.

4. We heard that drum whore extraordinaire Troy Patrick Farrell is related to someone in Monkey Cocktail! How jealous are you that he’s trotting around the globe playing with national acts while you guys are stuck playing shithole bars in the midwest?

DC: We’re very very jealous, and we’ve put out a contract on his life.

JA: The only thing I am jealous of is his stint on the road with Slunt!

SMF: Jealous and proud, often living vicariously through him.

5. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Monkey CocktailMancow or Howard Stern =

DC: Stern, because Mancow is too hyper for me.

SMF: Stern, ditto, but only in modest doses.

JA: Howard, strippers and freaks!

Bin Willy’s or Martini’s =

JA: Bin Willy’s for now….

DC: Bin Willy’s…more space.

SMF: nice local reference…this question isn’t a demonstration of passive-aggressive is it?! Bin Willy’s…..larger audience.

The Loop 97.9 or Rock 103.9 =

JA: the Loop, they return phone calls…and a cooler logo

DC: It’s a tossup.

SMF: I rarely listen to either, I am afraid, but if I do, probably 103.9, there is the odd chance that they will actually mention us!

Alice Cooper or KISS =

JA: gotta say KISS, cuz four heads are better than none

DC: Kiss, because I think Alice Cooper only had a couple of songs I liked, while Kiss had several.

SMF: KISS, more accessible musically.

Donnie Vie or Chip Z’Nuff =

JA: Chip. He’s not Donnie and he looks better in a fitted blazer.

DC: Yikes…Chip maybe, because he’s got a better head on his shoulders.

SMF: Chip. Chip is easier to be around and is relatable and seems grounded. Donnie is so crazy talented, but can be challenging to be around. Chip is always good for a heartfelt “hey, bro”, and Donnie is unpredictable in this regard.

80/94 or the Skyway =

JA: Skyway, built in McDonalds.

DC: Skyway, for the time saved.

SMF: the Skyway…..the view!

Premonition or Seven Ten =

JA: Premonition, because they are missing the lead singer from Seven Ten.

DC: No clue.

SMF: I haven’t seen either.

Bobby Shaw or Tony Schoon =

JA: Tony Schoon, his magazine rack is much smaller. (get it…not as many issues)

DC: I don’t want to get hung up living in the past, so I say Tony Schoon

SMF: Both good, solid, hard-hitting drummers (Tony hits harder), but I have to go with the guy that is my drummer today, and that is Tony.

Michigan City or Gary =

JA: Gary….Joe Brown

DC: Michigan City, because of personal memories there.

SMF: Gary…..urban organic.

Survivor or Styx =

DC: Survivor, because of my experiences working with Jim Peterik.

JA: I would lean towards Styx, the singer sounds a lot like the guy from Stryper.

SMF: I would probably lean towards Styx, pre-Mr Roboto

6. Out of all the national acts you guys have ever opened for, which one was the coolest, and which one was the biggest bunch of dipshits you’ve ever met?

DC: Magna-Fi was the coolest, and Sebastian Bach’s crew was a bit uptight…the band members themselves were fine.

JA: Slaughter was the coolest. Only one dipshit comes to mind, and that was the drummer for Lillian Axe (02 or 03?). He thought his shit didn’t stink, and he might be right, but his playing sure did stink up the place. Love ya Stevie!

SMF: Wow, I thought I would be able to slag someone, but in all honesty, I don’t recall a negative experience. Some of the coolest were people like John Sykes, Gilby Clarke, Dana Strum, Brian Tichy & Marco Mendoza. Magna-Fi is always very cool to us, but I count them as friends.

Monkey Cocktail7. Back in the early 90’s, your singer used to be in a regional hair band called Sgt. Roxx. Now that we’re done laughing, we’d like to know why the Sgt. Roxx CD "Push and Squeeze" was never re-released? Bootleg copies of that go for a few hundred bucks on eBay! Why doesn’t your singer reissue that himself and keep all the coin?

DC: I was not aware of that. Now Jack’s phat ego will get even phatter.

JA: keep your eyes and ears open and you might just catch me relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas once the deal is signed. And watch for the tour, Sgt. Roxx, Warrant and Grim Reaper.

8. Yes or No, have you ever:

Tipped a cow = No…..well maybe Tony has….

JA: Oh boy…tipped a cow…once at a Denny’s in Ohio….the service was fantastic

Performed in a cornfield = Performed what?! Oh, the band…no…well in a field, but there wasn’t corn there.

JA: With, or without a condom?

Met Orville Redenbacher = No

JA: No, I have only eaten from his sack.

Jacked off on a sand dune = No

JA: is that what that was?

Been stalked by a fan = No

JA: pick a day.

Thought about reinventing yourselves as a Doo-Wop band =

DC: No…but don’t knock Doo-Wop! My father sings in Harbor Lights!

JA: Dave Carl’s dad won’t return any of my phone calls!

Slagged someone on the ThirstyWhale.com message board = No

JA: No, but I boinked someone in the Thirsty Whale bathroom.

Considered playing an entire set of Sgt. Roxx songs =

SMF: No, and remarkably enough, Jack has never even suggesting doing any Sgt. Roxx material in this band.

JA: the County Fair didn’t offer me enough money.

Played more than 6 gigs in one week =

JA: yes….oh, I thought you meant girls…..

DC: Oh Yes…I’ve worked Vegas, baby. Six sets a night for six nights in a row at the Fremont. (from 1:00 am to 7:00 am, I might add!) I’d have been better off being the janitor.

SMF: This band, no. We did play two shows in a day once. In a past life I believe I did 5 or six nights on, touring clubs, but it was that one week, and a long time ago.

Told a club owner to fuck off =

JA: it was the Jagermeister talking..

DC: Not in those exact words, no.

SMF: I don’t typically deal with the part of the business that would provoke those kinds of verbal exchanges.

9. What’s the smallest and largest crowd Monkey Cocktail has ever played in front of?

DC: Hmm… I’ve probably blocked out the smallest for mental health reasons. The largest was probably about 2,000 (?)

JA: Steel Wheels Fest was probably the smallest (more than 10, less than 100) and the largest is the crowd I play to every day in my mind.

SMF: I don’t recall any traumatically small crowds in this band, though we have played some larger rooms where playing to a couple hundred people could be disheartening.

10. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Monkey CocktailMike Tramp =

JA: Hot

DC: Viking

SMF: Pro

Jim Peterik =

JA: Car Commercial

DC: Idea man

SMF: Tall

Tom Lounges =

JA: unreturned phone calls

DC: Beer Hunter

SMF: Club Dimensions

Johnny Monaco =

DC/JA: Haircut

SMF: Team Player

Jeff Sarver =

DC: Heard of him, have not caught him live.

JA: “can you play on my new demo?”

Joey Miroballi =

JA: Who….Bobby Dinero

DC: Relaxed.

SMF: Funny.

Bret Michaels =

JA: keep that thing away from my girlfriend.

DC: Why?

SMF: Stolen Guitar

Matt Mercado =

JA: Psycho talented

DC/SMF: Gregg Potter

Jani Lane =

JA: Celebrity fit club 2 or Doc, from Back to the Future

DC: Good, loud voice.

Sebastian Bach =

JA: Finkes…RIP

DC: Very Strong Voice Live

Not too bad! We’ve heard of worse names for bands than that, so don’t think they’re getting singled out in the whack band name department.

Come to think of it, a "monkey cocktail" sounds like something our own bastard boy floyd would drink. But he drinks warm milk with jello powder in it too, so it’s not like he’s got good taste or anything.

If you really want to find out even more about Monkey Cocktail, then drop by their lovely Web site: www.monkeycocktail.com.

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