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10 Questions with Vains of Jenna




Hey Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes. Look what we found! One of the missing links to rock n’ roll. If you liked Guns n Roses, Hanoi Rocks or that whole sleeze sound from the 80s, than this band is for you. Or maybe you’re into Backyard Babies, or Towers of London right now. If so, then this band will set your sack on fire.

From a small town in Sweden they formed less than a year ago and have already trecked to Hollywood, played the Sunset Strip, recorded with an Ex.

member of GnR, and have had labels knocking on their door. Why? Cause WEEZER sucks balls and kids are over the wigger/rap shit and the gay fucking haircuts. Lizzy Devine is the band grandpa at just 24 years of age, while bassist JP White is barely legal at 21. Jacki Stone is JP’s younger brother at 19, and Nicki Kin is also 19. These 2 guys graduated high school in June and flew to Hollywood a month later. How fucking rock n’ roll is that? Read on and find out more about who’s gonna put the spit back into rock n’ roll! Coming to Hollywood in 2006!



1. Who are you and where can people find out more about Vains of Jenna?

We’re a four piece band put together by a major record label. We’re as fake as a band can be! hahaha!!! No seriously, we’re four guys from a small town on the westcoast of Sweden. We formed in January 2005. The first gig we ever got offered was at Cruefest in Hollywood. This happend back in early Feb. when we’d just recorded our first song. On lead vocals and guitar we have Lizzy DeVine, on bass we have JP White and on lead guitar we have Nicki Kin. Our drummer is Jacki Stone.

Check out our site at www.vainsofjenna.com or www.myspace.com/vainsofjenna for more news, pics and kick ass songs.

2. What the fuck does your name mean, and did you know that you spelled Vains wrong?

The band name is our connection to the world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. The "Jenna" part has nothing to do with pornstar Jenna Jameson (or has it?)

The misspelling of VAINS is because we’re fuckin’ Swedish. And it looks so much cooler with an "A". People have sent us outtakes from dictionaries pointing out our "mistake". But screw them. We like the spelling and we’re keepin’ it.



3. Tell us about your trip to Hollywood, playing Cruefest and anything else worth mentioning? And is there any future plans of gigs, tours or travel outside of Sweden again?

We had a blast in Hollywood. The week was insane. We met a lot of cool people. At Cruefest we played kinda early, but that didn’t stop us from puttin’ on a hell of a show. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told.

We met our manager at the Whisky backstage, he took us to Redrum Studios to record some songs with producer Gilby Clarke later that week. We’re all big GnR fans so that was awsome. We’re flyin’ back to the states next year and we’re prob. gonna play at Crüefest next year too.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped so you guys can take their place?

Just wait and see. We’re about to take over the world. Then they all will be droppin’ like flies!!!

5. Name 3 good things about living in Sweden and name 3 bad things?

GOOD: Girls, Girls, Girls

BAD: Like a dick in the water: Cold, Tiny and Boring

6. Shotgun Messiah was from Sweden and so is Backyard Babies. Do you know these bands and did you ever see them live, open for them, or roadie for them?

No, we don’t know anyone in those bands. We’ve seen Backyard Babies live a couple of times. Shotgun Messiah called it quits before we got a chance to see ‘em.

7. What’s the smallest and largest crowd you’ve played in front of?

Smallest: 12 people when we played with Swedish band Gemini Five in Mariestad, Sweden.

Largest (so far in this band): About 400 people

Nicki Kin @ Redrum Studios recording with Gilby Clarke

8. Your drummer Jacki Stone & bassist JP White are brothers yet have different last names. How the fuck did that happen?

They’ve always been called that. If you want to know more about this. Buy the brothers a bottle of booze and see who starts talkin’.

9. Your average age is about 20 years old. Are you the bastard kids of Guns n’ Roses or Hanoi Rocks? Is any of your Dads named Slash, Izzy or Nasty Suicide by chance?

Once apoun a time Lizzy’s mother Mike Monroe and Nicki’s father Duff were on tour together. And then something strange happend. No! We’re the new generation. They’re old, and we have all the respect in the world for them, but this is our time and it’s just begun…

10. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Tim Tim = One of the few cool swedish rock n’ roll guys that made it.

Andy McCoy = A legend.

Gilby Clarke = A cool guy. The man with the new Corvette.

Riki Rachtman = Oh that’s the guy that owns that place on page 186 in the Hollywood Rocks book

Zinny Zan = Back in the days he was good lookin’ singer. Still got a great high pitch

Duff = He ripped off Nicki Kin’s good looks years ago

Taime Downe = One hell of a lyric writer.

Fred Durst = don’t like his shit.

Joe Perry = One of the guitar gods

Nikki Sixx = Great song writer

We did further reserach on VOJ and discovered that these guys were in rival bands for a few years previous to this. Two of them in one band, and the other 2 in another. And the brothers were split up. One in each group. After a few years of turmoil and competition they decided to form a killer group and now VOJ is making waves in a hurry. These guys have been playing since they were little kids and their parents were taking them to see the Rolling Stones in concert. Little kids, as in, way back in the 90s. Scary shit huh? Birthdates fall in 1981, 1983 and 1986. Holy fuck these guys are barely old enough to blow a load, but by the time they hit the road they’ll have that figured out. Look for their independent EP to be available soon, along with a track on the "Hey – That’s What I call Sludge – Vol. II" CD.

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