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20 Questions with BASTARDZ singer Nat Reed




Its been a fine week of Global Glam Sludge. A cool 10 Questions with Vains of Jenna from Sweden, and now a 20 Questions with BASTARDZ from Brazil. Groups like this, Backyard Babies also from Sweden and Towers of London who are from England are starting to kick up some dirt. Very cool to see. We said this before and we’ll say it again. FUCK WEEZER! Go home to all the haircut bands your time is up suckers!

MTV in Brazil has taken notice and are playing this band to rave reviews. Why don’t you go check them out if you dig cool rock n’ roll with attitude and image. We now give you Brazils very own BASTARDZ!

1. This is your chance to plug your shit. Who are you, and who are the BASTARDZ?

I´m Nat singer from BASTARDZ a brazilian Glam-Punk-Hard Rock band. You can check us out at www.bastardzweb.com where you can download some songs and our  MTV  videoclip "PILLS".  Or www.myspace.com/bastardz

2. You said your English was not great, do we need to get a fucking translator or can you find your own?

lol But my english is great!!! I actually can say "Hey man, one beer please"  and "nice tits".


3. Did you know that you look more like AXL ROSE these days than AXL looks like AXL ROSE?

Thanks! Axl is my idol but I hope I will not look like him the way he looks these days.

4. Your bio says you’re 29 years old. You were about 11 when Guns N’ Roses debut "Appetite for Destruction"

was released. How did you first hear about GnR, and how did they affect your future in music?

The first time I heard Guns N Roses it was a shock, I never saw that much agressivity and atitude in a rock band. Appetite for Destruction was a big mark in my life, after that rock became stronger. GNR are a big influence in my life, live performance and in my music.


5. Rate singers 1-10. A 1 being a piece of shit and a 10 being a Glam Vocal God!

Taime Downe = 10 Good Vocal

Fred Durst = 2 next

Phil Lewis = 8 I like L.A Guns live

Vince Neil =10 I sang in a Mötleu Crüe Tribute band

Kid Rock = 3 for him…. 10 for Pam

Sebastian Bach = 10 Itá amazing

Axl Rose = 11 he´s # 1

James Hetfield = 4 he has a mustache lol

Bret Micahels = 10 The king of Glam

Steve "Sex" Summers = 10 PBF Kick Ass

6. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Don Dokken… because he became a big fat old lady

7. What band should drop off the face of the earth so BASTARDZ can take their place?

Kiss werw great but nowaday they are not a rock band anymore. Theu´re look like a corporation.

8. Your song "Pills" is currently on MTV in Brazil and the band is getting great exposure. How does it feel to be on MTV and are you playing Rockin’ Rio next or what?

Having a video been played at MTV is like a dream come true. The Pills video received only good reviews and we got much more fans than we thought. The band´s popularity is growing every day and we are waiting for the invitation to play at Rock n Rio or other fucking festival.

9. If you had to fuck one of the following who would you pick and why?  (Paris Hilton, Shakira or Britney Spears)

Shakira because we are going to play in Colombia next year. Britney just had a baby and she probably isn´t in good shape now. Paris don´t deserve my attetion.

10. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career with BASTARDZ to date?

3 high points:

1- play at MTV and radios

2- sold out concerts

3- fans wearing panties with my face stamped on ass´ side

Low points: 

to much parties and fun can bring problems sometimes.

11. Pick your Poison…

Winger or Warrant = Warrant

Headbands or Cowboy Hats = Headbands

Soccer or Football = Soccer of course

Eye Liner or Lip Liner = both

Beer or Whiskey = whiskey with coke

San Paulo or Paula Abdul = Paula Abdul without Emilio Estevez

Hairspray or Hair Gel = Hairspray

Pretty Boy Floyd or Ugly kid Joe = PBF forever

Sepultura or Soul Fly = Sepultura with Max

Touring or Recording = both

12. Have you played in any other countries in South America besides Brazil?

We´re scheduling a latin america tour next year.

13. Making it big out of Brazil might be hard. Example: Hanoi Rocks was great and around before all the late 80s bands, yet had little success outside of parts of Europe and Japan. Then you had GnR, Poison, and so on all who came to Hollywood and exploded. Have you thought about coming to Hollywood, and if so, how bad do you want to come here and play the Sunset Strip?

We think about it every fucking day!!! I know there are the best parties because I watch "wild on E!"

14. We have American Idol on TV and it’s very popular. Do you have Brazillian Idol, and if so, did you ever try out?

There are some TV shows like American Idol but They have nothing to do with rock. They sucks!

15. Your bass players name is DRANNATH. Is that like draino, or drainith the main vain? Do you understand our American sludgy sarcasm?

"What? A Sphincter says what?" No, I don´t understand this Joke. Maybe Drannath comes from "DRAG" lol

16. Your website links other bands that have a similar sound and style to your band from around the globe. Who else have you discovered thru the Internet and what bands do you think can help shape the future of rock n’ roll after WEEZER is put to death for good?

hummmmm… Vain of Jenna!  It´s  a Great band! (I saw this band and I like it! )

17. What was your biggest ever BASTARDZ pay check for and what did you buy with it?

Our biggest pay check was when we played in Rio de Janeiro and I spend all the money buying the airplane tickets to come back home.

18. What was the largest and the smallest crowd BASTARDZ has ever played for?

The largest crowd was 2,000 and the smallest was in a record store for 30 people

19. Word Association:

Mr. Lady = The king of the strip clubs

Gilby Clarke = Great producer, guitar player and singer

Nikki Sixx = attitude

Michael Monroe = nice hair

Pele = the best ever

Kristy Krash Majors = Where is he now?

Riki Rachtman = Who?

Bon Jovi = Sucks

Slash = The best!

Slipknot = I´m afraid of clowns

20. The Last of NAT REED…

Last 80s CD you listened to = PBF Leather boyz….toyz

Last rock star you met in person = And y  Timmons (DD)

Last food you ate = Pizza

Last time you drove drunk = I can´t remember

Last time you saw yourself on MTV Brazil = Last Week

Last time you kicked a soccer ball = What do you think scheduling a game: BASTARDZ x Metal Sludge?

Last time you went to the nude beach = 2003…04

Last autograph you signed = Last Friday

Last Rockin’ Rio concert you went to = 2001

Last time you visited Metal Sludge = Today to see the sludgette of the mounth

Okay so maybe Nat doesn’t have the best English spelling but he seems to get it. We also learned a few things today. That Nat worships Steve "Sex" Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd, he’s afraid of Slipknot, he’s met Andy Timmons of Danger Danger, and too much partying can bring on the problems. We also noticed that the BASTARDZ bass player DRANNATH has a little tranny thing going on. Maybe if you guys come to Hollywood you can play with Rhino Bucket and have Alexis Arquette be the MC for the night. See ya there.

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