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KIK TRACEE “No Rules” (1991)


KIK TRACEE "No Rules" (1991)

By Donna Anderson

Cover: 7 Rule Breakers out of 10.

The cover is of a large train (with the bands logo) going down the tracks with a bunch of old guys "breaking the rules" by walking on the tracks right in front of the train. Actually it looks like there is only one old guy and they just used his image multiple times. The back ground is of L.A. at sunset (at least I think it supposed to be L.A.). I like all of the colors they used and it is definitely a little different type of cover than most bands were putting out at the time.

Booklet: 7 Rule Breakers out of 10.

The booklet has almost everything you look for in a good quality booklet. It has all of the lyrics (except for the one cover song they do), a nice mix of promo photos and live stage photos, contact information, "thank you’s",etc. . What’s missing? Well they don’t show pictures along with the names to know exactly who’s who and the inside of the booklet is all black and white. Now you know I have to pick out something humorous in their list of "thank you’s"; right?! Okay here we go – "Kik Tracee would like to express extra special thanks to Dana Strum, Mark Slaughter, Blas Elias and Tim Kelly for being the ‘Best of Bros’!" Hmm . . . how much you want to bet that they don’t still feel that way today; especially after Dana screwed them over and helped himself to what little money they made.

Songs: 7 Rule Breakers out of 10.

This one contains basically 13 songs; plus a very brief instrumental. From what I can remember they released 2 singles ("Don’t Need Rules" & "You’re So Strange") that got decent play on HeadBangers Ball back in the day. This whole CD is very different than the rest of the "hairbands" of the era. They aren’t your bubble gum pop-metal and they also aren’t any where near the hard core metal either. They don’t use catchy little pop choruses and they don’t resort to screaming either. It’s very straight ahead rock and roll with a little Blues and maybe some Funk influence. Basically if you like to listen to people who can actually sing and not cover up their voice by a bunch of screeching guitars or screaming you should like this one. It’s a little edgy and has some "dark" lyrics here and there but nothing to push you over the edge.

Comments: A very good band but didn’t really fit into the era that they came out in. Whether that was the reason they didn’t succeed or due to Dana "screw ‘em over" Strum – I’m not sure.

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