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Skid Row to open fight show for Butterbean!

    Butterbean is pushing 400 lbs @ 5’11".



Johnny, Rachel & Snake of Skid Row and their combined weight

is under 500 lbs @ a combined height of 17′ 10".


This recently appeared on www.fightnews.com and we thought it would be worth mentioning.

Butterbean schedules MMA match!

By Brady Crytzer

Cult favorite Eric "Butterbean" Esch will continue his busy schedule when he makes his mixed martial arts return at Royce Gracie’s FIGHTFEST on Friday, December 9th in Evansville, IN. Scheduled to be held at Evansville‘s Roberts Municipal Stadium, "Butterbean" is slated to face 0-1 Wally Keenboom. The 80’s rock supergroup Skid Row is also scheduled to kickoff the night’s fistic festivities with a live performance. Ticket prices range from $35 to $125 and are available at Ticketmaster.com. Opening bell is 7 pm.

Lets do some fast facts on Eric "Butterbean" Esch


U.S.A. / Team Butterbean / Boxing


DATE OF BIRTH : Aug 03, 1968 
Bay City, MI

HEIGHT : 5 feet 11 inch

WEIGHT : 370 lbs

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: United States

Occupation: Sports – Boxing, Actor


IBA Super Heavy Weight Champion

WAA Belt for World Super Heavy Weight Champion


Boxing 72 Fights 63 Wins 3 Loss 4 Draws 48 KOs 2 No Contests

K-1 4 Fights 1 Win 3 Losses 1 KO

MMA 1 Fight 1 Loss

Executive summary: Boxer in Jackass: The Movie

Risk Factors:

Now lets do some fast facts on Skid Row.

Skid Row AKA Sebastian Bach’s former band.

U.S.A. / Team Heavy Metal / Music


DATE OF BIRTH : Mid 1980s New Jersey

HEIGHT : 17 feet 10 inch

WEIGHT : under 500 lbs (any 3 members)

Gender: Males

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: Long Haired Dirt Balls

Occupation: Monkey Business


Multi Platinum recording Artist

Top Charting Singles "18 & Life" & "I remember you"


Original (not THE original though) singer Sebastian Bach splits from band after the glory days. 1 Loss

Drummer Rob Aufusso splits from band. 2nd loss

Replacement drummer Phil Varone does too much blow and is forced to leave the band. 3rd loss.

Snake being replaced by Keri Kelly. 4th loss.

Executive summary: Great band, with a killer frontman.

Risk Factors: Second hand smoke on the tour bus. Baz not getting his way and having a temper tantrum.

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