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Tommy Lee’s friend “Dave” calls BULLSHIT!

Tommy Lee forgets to tip?


Look at me everyone, "I don’t have any money for a tip

but I can honk the boat horn with my ding a ling!"


Updated: 11-20-2005

According to Dave (whoever the fuck that is) Tommy did not leave a tip, because he never even sat at the table. Sounds like Dave is pretty proud of his "friendship" with Tommy too. He even has pictures of them together on his myspace page. Woohooo. 

Attention Dave: First of all, your name is weak. Can you spice it up a bit? Maybe like Mix Master Dave, or D-Rock Dave. You don’t sound too gangsta, so we thinkin’ you might be frontin’ on this whole friendship tip. Dig? You sound like some ho from the Midwest who met him for the first time. Yo, chill on the nutswinging. We’re only reporting the hot tip from da street.  Next time try to bring it with a little more gangsta.

—– Original Message —–

From: Dave 


Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2005 5:06 AM

Subject: Tommy Lee Stiffing Waitress NOT TRUE

Ok,  this story is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!  You might wanna know how I know, well I was there.  I was with Tommy at Avalon that night, and in no way did he even see the table.  The club stated they had a table upstairs for tommy and us (his entourage, as the article states it), but me and my brother who were there with tommy went to go sit at the table for a minute and the only people sitting there drinking the COMP booze at the table was the CLUB PROMOTERS and ALL THERE FRIENDS!!!  Tommy never showed his face at that table and the only booze he had was in the DJ booth with him, which was some beer and a bottle of Jager, brought to him by the manager of the club.  Right after Tommy’s DJ gig, he left, he did not even come within 50 feet of his SO CALLED table, so why should he tip anybody when the only people sitting there were people he did not even know.  The club promoters should have taken care of the tips being it was all there friends drinking the free booze waiting to meet Tommy. 

Tommys whole entourage, which consisted of me, my brother and two other people, hung out in the DJ booth with Tommy and as soon as it was done, he left.  There was no interaction with any waitress and the slimy club promoters were the ones movin in on the chicks promising them they could meet tommy.  So once again a gossip column blows shit out of proportion.  If ya doubt my legitimacy, go check out my myspace page, LADAVE3272, I got pics of me and tommy together.  He is a good friend of mine and I don’t wanna see his name get trashed for something he didn’t do.
As far as my personal experiences with Tommy, anytime we went out and he took care of the bill, which is almost always, he does not let anybody pay for anything while they are with him, he has left great tips.  So this story is bullshit and I am writing the daily news to state this.



Here is the proof. Dave is NOT gangsta at all.

No dreads, no doo rag, no blunt – now we know you be frontin’.

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According to blabbermouth those meanie Gossip people on the Internet.

TOMMY LEE Stiffs Avalon Waitresses – Nov. 17, 2005

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee is under fire for stiffing waitresses at Avalon in New York City the other night. "He had a huge table of roadies," a source told The New York Daily News. "Several waitresses brought Tommy stuff, and there were two waitresses working his table. None of them, not even one, was tipped — there was not a single dollar on the table at the end of the night. And they had several comped bottles, four or five in total!" When a waitress confronted a member of Lee’s entourage, the roadie told her to come back to their limousine to "light up a spliff." The source said after the waitress declined, the roadie claimed he’d go back and get her a tip, but he never returned.

Let’s quick do some Fast Facts on Tommy, shall we?

Tommy Lee Fast Facts:

Drummer for Motley Crue

Rapper for himself and his Posse

Born – Oct. 3rd, 1962

Full Name – Thomas Lee Bass also nown as (T-Bone)

Born In: Athens, Greece

Height: 6’2 

attoos: Does a whale shit in the ocean?

Suffers from: Reverse Michael Jackson effect. Tom wants to be black,

Mike wants in on the white.

Qualities: Great drummer, and can honk a boat horn with his cock!

Famous quote: I love you Lover!

Tommy Lee first gained fame as the drummer for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, who came to national prominence after touring with KISS in 1983. In later years Lee’s musical career was eclipsed by his very public personal life, which included tumultuous marriages to actress Heather Locklear and actress/pinup Pamela Anderson.

Wife: Pamela Anderson, model, actress; filed for divorce and custody of their two children February 1998; reconciled in early 1999; no longer together

Wife: Heather Locklear, actress; married May 10, 1986; divorced 1993

X-Girlfriends: list too long for the Internet to handle.

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