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Sludgeaholic of the month January 2006 Mick Huska

Sludegaholic of the month January 2006 Mick Huska!


Mick Holmes Malmsteen? Not!

We received the following e-mail from Mick Huska late fall of last year!

Hey guys!  My name is Mick and I am from Vermont.  You may also know me as Atomicpunk18 from The Gossip Board.  I think I should be the Sludgeaholic of the month for a few reasons:
(1)  I am 20.  I was born when Invasion Of Your Privacy, Theater Of Pain and some shitty Dokken album were released!
(2)  I am from fucking Vermont.  11% of the nation forget’s we’re actually state, the cows outnumber the people and fucking Phish is from here (fuck them).  Give us something aside from Ben & Jerry’s to be proud of.
(3)  I’ve read the site everyday since I’ve been 16.
(4)  In my photo, I am next to a Jesus Rocks poster.  It doesn’t get any cooler
Hopefully I’ll get this esteemed award!

Dude, you’re from Vermont? Sorry to hear that and yes Phish does suck. Quick question? Do you think your mom might have banged Mick Mars on the "Shout" tour and secretly named you after him. That’s a metal enough gamble to give you this award.

Here is your chance to take fame to a new level in the land of cows and ice cream. Let us know how it goes.


1. Tell us about who you are and why you’re so into Metal Sludge?

Well, my name is Mick. I am 20 and from Burlington, Vermont. You may know me as Atomicpunk on the Gossip Board. Metal Sludge has been my favorite website since I’ve been 16. It’s funny as fuck and it allows me to get updates and gossip on some of my favorite bands. Plus, the reviews got me into some really awesome bands. Metal Sludge is the only place I trust for CD reviews.

2. What do you do for excitment when you live in Vermont?

Well, there’s really not much to do that’s exciting up here, unless you’re into skiing/snowboarding, but I have found ways to keep the excitement alive. Like these: Smoking pot, Smoking cigarettes, Drinking, Having sex (with my girlfriend and my right hand), Taking care of my cats, Playing guitar, Drinking enough beer so the bums can get a fortune from the bottle returns, Finding new and exciting ways to use the "F" word, Wearing offensive t-shirts, Making fun of fast food employees, Beating the homeless people, who sit off the interstate exits, with wifflebats, Eating cheese, Laughing at the UVM (University of Vermont) "police" when they pull me over. They think they’re real cops, Not laughing when they call in a State Trooper to search my car and administer a sobriety test and perform a cavity search, Making balloon animals out of condoms. Gotta make your fun somehow.

3. What are the plans for your 21st birthday besides getting drunk?

First things first. I turn 21 on February 19th (send booze, please), so I am going to wake up and actually legally buy my first alcoholic beverage. After that, between drinking and smoking will be lots and lots of sex. The rest of the night will be a toss up, but I am sure my girlfriend, photographic evidence, the police and/or hospital personnel will fill me in on the details the next day. Maybe there should be a Metal Sludge Extravaganza in Burlington that night??? Hint, hint.

 4. Tell us about your turn ons and your turn offs?

My girlfriend’s ass is first and foremost. It is the most beautiful sight. I love getting my earrings bitten and my nipples sucked. I love a girl with a great personality who can actually discuss current events and is not just a dumb cunt. It’s great when they can hold their end of the conversation. I love big eyes and a great smile

Turn offs: Dumb, annoying chicks. Fat chicks. Chicks with mustaches. Unshaven coochies. Chicks who put no effort into sex. Bad oral skills. Girls who are into Dave Matthews Band.

5. Name your favorite and least favorite bands?

Favorites: Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Van Halen, The Wildhearts, Crash Kelly, Dirty Americans, Great White, Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Silvertide, The Darkness, The Dogs D’Amour, The Hellacopters, Turbonegro Tool, Megadeth, 38 Special, Ratt, Poison, Warrant, some Dokken, White Lion, Kiss, Def Leppard, The Police, Guns N Roses, Span (unheard of Norwegian band that rocks), Slayer, Iron Maiden, Supersuckers, Dream Theater, Butch Walker/Marvelous 3, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan just to name a few.

Least favorites: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, anything Emo, rap and this local Burlington band called The Year’s Best, who, aside from the drummer, suck moose cock and are a bunch of fags. Plus, the lead singer thinks he’s Tommy Lee and likes to beat up chicks (just ask my girlfriend).


Huska has a Hotdog.

Doesn’t look as big as John Holmes?

6. If you could give your meat whistle to any past Sludgette who would you pick and why?

Hmmm… I’m gonna pick one from a while back and say Zippy. Don’t know if she’s been a choice yet, but it should make her feel good. That being said, no one will ever be better in bed than my girlfriend.

7. Tell us about your ability to play guitar or are you just posing?

If by posing you mean “a rock god who’s better hung than John Holmes,” then you’d be correct. My ability is pretty good, I’ve been playing since I’ve been 15 or 16. It would be nice to find some people who want to form a real rock band here in Burlington (Guns N Roses influence, etc), instead of some assholes who want punk, jam band or emo. I’m no Warren DeMartini, but I can hold my own!

8. How did you find about Metal Sludge and how long have you been coming here?

I was going through this phase with Cinderella and Fred Coury had a link to his Metal Sludge 20 questions on his website. So I came here, read it and have been hooked ever since. I was around 16 at the time.

9. Your personal motto is…

Rock like fuck!!!

10. How do you feel about being a Sludgeaholic of the month?

It’s really a great honor. I haven’t been this excited since I found out that my last STD test came back negative!

Mick next time try to open up a bit more. Don’t hold back so much, let it go, we promise not to tell any of your dirtiest secrets and illegal daily habits. Cool?

Let’s do a quick review of Mick Huska.

Mick admits to the following: Smoking pot, Having sex (with my girlfriend and my right hand), finding new and exciting ways to use the "F" word, making fun of fast food employees, beating the homeless people who sit off the interstate exits with wifflebats, laughing at the "police" when they pull me over, and making balloon animals out of condoms. He also said his girlfriend’s ass is the most beautiful sight and that he loves getting his nipples sucked.

Okay, great. Very well then!

P.S. Send us photos of your chick dude!

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