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Ratt rumored to play final gig with current line-up?

Ratt rumored to play final gig with current ‘Jizzy’ line-up?


Ratt left to right is Warren, Corabi, Jizzy, Crane & Blotzer = No more?

Some Internet sources have been reporting to Metal Sludge that this weeks RATT show just might be their last with the current line-up.

The reports from the source are: "there’s no love lost with the current lead singer….. and it has been said that the deck would be cleaned fully…. everybody goes but the originals….."

The current band consists of original members Bobby Blotzer & Warren DeMartini. Along with frontman Jizzy Pearl, bassist Robbie Crane and rhythm guitarist John Corabi.

Stephen Pearcy recently talked to www.KNAC.com and said the following:

"That frivious lawsuit was amicably resolved. I got together with the original bass player. I am like ya know it is a good opportunity , it is an anniversary this happened two years ago. I guess they are quite comfortable in their situation." Pearcy

"I did create the monster. Rest in peace Robin Crosby was my right hand man in the beginning of all that. We pulled those other guys in. It so happened thru Robin’s demise and my intense business manner some things just don’t go down properly. We made the effort, we made the proposal, and De martini and Blotzer shot it down and decided it is better to have and be comfortable in what they are in." Pearcy

Blotzer & Warren comfortable? Hmmm, somethings fishy as Pearcy claims they shot down the re-union idea but now the hot rumor is that the current guys are gone too. Sounds like a Lack of Communication.

Is there a possible RATT III with Gary Cherone on the horizon?

The show is this Saturday – February 18th 2006 at the Northern Lights Casino in Walker Minnesota. Skid Row is also on the bill.

Then this ironically popped up this week as well on www.JizzyPearl.com

I am doing a small European tour with Love/Hate in April-May. It will include the UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy and hopefully a few other points of interest. Unfortunately because of a prior commitment Jon E. will be unable to come with us, Alex Grossi will play guitar along with Robbie on bass and Dave on drums. Jon WILL play the Paladinos show with us as well as a possible Vegas date so with two guitar players it should sound pretty huge

When will Corabi announce his next move? The Scream? Union? Or Angora?

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