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Steven Adler taken to a hospital in Germany!

Steven Adler taken to a hospital in Germany!


The original Adlers Appetite line-up from yesteryear!

Robbie Crane, Brent Muscat, Jizzy Pearl, Keri Kelly, & Steven.

The hot story is obviously Steven Adler and his on going circus of a life. And to the cock suckers who are saying Metal Sludge manipulated Steven during his interview, guess again, we only printed his words. And nobody put a gun to his head to make him say he did drugs and let guys suck his cock.

Now let’s get onto the Sludge!

The latest "line-up/band" has checked in and confirmed that Steven was taken to a hospital for something related to his hand in Germany and there is an

e-mail related below.

Also, some updates from the guys stranded over in Europe, a couple of comments from Jizzy Pearl, Phil Lewis of LA Guns and the Suicide Booking Agency from Germany as well.

The following has just come in from Commercial Suicide Booking in Germany.

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 12:51 PM

To: Metal Sludge

Subject: Adler is trippin’ out

hi Sludge,

i just recognized Steven’s statement.
first of all:
we didn’t cancelled the shows.
the only one who didn’t fulfill
the contract was Steven.
our agency and the whole band
(probably the nicest guys i’ve ever met!)
and their crew, tried everything to get
Steven back to the ground and away from
his lovely drug-buddy.
i’ve never touched or hurt Steven.
we yelled at each other but we also hugged afterwards.
the only one i got physical with was this junkie piece of shit
Adam Bomb and i’d love to get another chance.
i feel very sorry for Steven cause he’s a lovely guy
but also a weak person,easy to manipulate.
i’m convinced that it wasn’t himself,it was
more Adam and the drugs speaking…
at this point it should be clear that he needs some serious help
or he will be found dead in a gutter in amsterdam.
cheers, Bernd


Mr. Jizzy Pearl has made a few comments on his message board.

"I heard about it yesterday from a friend in Europe who was tour managing the group. All I can say is…wow, meltdown. I have to say that I feel bad for Michael and Chip who are my friends and just wanted to make a little money. I even feel sorry for Steven who after this might seek the help he needs." Jizz

and this…

"I can’t wait until Michael posts on the Internet and gets branded an "attention getting whore" Jizz

From what we’ve been told, this was posted by Phil Lewis of LA Guns.

"know your not big Sludge fans, But the message board is lit up right now with The Addlers appatite tour coming of the tracks. Bullet boys(Marq) not playing a single show on the Steven Pearcy tour(That was a No brainer) And Tracii’s attempt to reconsile relations with Axl Rose. Drinking my morning tea laughing my ass off. " Phil Lewis

The Adler’s Appetite band and crew (less Adler) have once again checked in to the Metal Sludge head quarters.

The traveling group consisting of Sheldon Tarsha (Vocals), Michael Thomas & Jt (Guitars), Chip Z’Nuff (Bass), along with Rik & Armando (Road Manager & Tech.). They have confirmed the following details about what’s taken place over the last 2-3 days.

The band and crew have stuck together and tried desperately to reason with Steven but nothing was resolved. The guys tried to get Steven away from Adam who Adler had said would be his new tour manager, handle all the money and call the shots so to speak. Steven’s emotions were up and down in a big way, one minute hugging everyone and telling him that he loved them, and that he was sorry, and that he really needed the money.

And the next telling them things like:

"I am the star of Guns n’ Roses. You are not Slash (pointing at Michael), you are not Duff (to Chip). You’re playing my songs and you all work for me!" Steven Adler

The band and guests from the German shows have confirmed seeing Steven vomiting on several occassions and mummbling incoherantly. This is an unfortunate sign that Steven may have indeed fallen off the wagon. It’s purely speculation, but the word on the street is that Adam Bomb has had his share of dabbling in the big "H" over his miserable career as well.  Sad, very sad.

The guys have said that they believe that Adam has had a HUGE and VERY negative influenece on Steven since the minute he showed up and that he has basically vanished with him and what money they as a group were using to survive on.

The band have also confirmed that the night of the last show they all agreed to do the show only on the basis that Rik & Armando were paid. The guys did the show, and went back to the hotel. Steven had left the groups hotel and went to a separate hotel with Adam Bomb. The next morning they went to the hotel to talk with Steven and collect what little money they could to help pay the crew and off set the costs of buying new tickets to return home from Europe. Steven had left the hotel already and according to his last letter went to Holland. This essentially has left all 6 guys stranded in Germany with no money.

No money, no thank you, no goodbye, nothing. To say the guys have been fucked over and feel betrayed by someone who was a calling them the best guys ever and loving brothers only days earlier is an understatement.

The guys will prepare an in depth and detailed statement when time permits. They are currently trying to get things sorted out in the middle of Europe.

And here is an e-mail talking about some hospital incident.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 11:18 AM
Subject: Last news about Steven: Steven Adler checks in from an Internet cafe in Holland?
Hy Metalsludge,
Just read Steven’s message from Holland. Hmm. I know the guy from the promoter’s team – he told me another story why the gig before Bochum was cancelled – and I think it’s more the truth than Steven’s message from Holland. The gig was cancelled instead of a healthy proplem Steven has with his hand and that night they bring Steven to a hospital to help him with his hand – and thats why he cant play the gig…
What after the Bochum gig happend I don’t know – only heard rumors…
Maybe my friend (the promoter) can tell you more – if he wants – I talk to him latest the upcoming weekend and then I will ask him to contact you with the whole story…
Rock on from Gemany/Munich

To Steven’s family and closest of friends. We think a full blown intervention is going to be needed very quickly.

Metal Sludge

Dr. Sludgegood

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