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Copy Cathouse 10 Questions w/ Alice UnChained.

Copy Cathouse 10 Questions w/ Alice Un-Chained.


Alice UnChained!


1. Plug your shit, the band, website and your swag?
Ken Bailey : Alice Unchained (Tribute to Alice in Chains) http://www.aliceunchained.com 
2. When did you start playing your instrument, and have you ever done any original projects?
KB: I started playing guitar at the age of 9 and I have had original bands my entire life, up to the point that LA and the original scene died around 1997 or so.

Bobby/Drummer: i started around 1983,and I have done many original bands none any one cares about much,except for bagging on the fact I played with Chris(Roxy Dahl)Van Dahl for many years………

(Editors Question: Dude, are you talking the almighty Cherry St.?)

3. Other than Sludge, name a few cool websites you guys dig?
KB: www.myspace.com/aliceunchained The www.myspace.com website offers you and endless amount of resources to promote your band, or, what ever your gig is. http://www.funny-shit.com

BD: well Sludge is the coolest,but www.myspace.com and www.ebaumsworld.com

4. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of the Alice un Chained career:
KB: Highest points would be,

1 Starting the project.

2 Playing Vegas.

3 Meeting Jerry Cantrell.

KB: Lowest points would be,

Three  Lowest points would be,

#1 Breaking my back and playing the very next weekend at Paladinos.

#2 Playing with a drunk drummer  that lost all since of timing LOL

#3 Not playing the House of Blues yet.


Jerry Cantrell with Alice Unchained guitarist Ken Bailey!


BD: Highs…

1. Playing Vegas
2. Playing Canes(San Diego Rocks)
3. Having my Ex band member Eric Ferrentinos (Stephen Pearcy) jam with us was a blast
BD: Lowest points…
1.Ken breaking his back because he wasnt taught to roll properly
2.Playing the shack
3.Not being able to play at Paladinos

5. If you had to pay tribute to someone else besides Alice in Chains, who would it be and why?


KB: Pink Floyd, because I have loved Pink Floyd since I was a kid. I heard Dark Side of The Moon and I was hooked. I wanted the job with, “Which ones Pink” when they replaced guitar player but they already had someone in mind. I was actually going to start a Pink Floyd tribute when I learned that WOP was already on the scene. I hate when guys start a band doing the same dam band that is already on the scene. Even in a tribute band you can be original if that makes since? Meaning, start a tribute to a fucking band that someone else isn’t already doing you idiot.

BD: Kiss,because they are my favorite band and because it would be cool to put the facepaint and the costumes on,and could lead to me becoming a member of Kiss for real(pun intended)


6. Pick your Poison: Ken Bailey


Danger Danger or Britny Fox = Neither one

Pearl Jam or Nirvana = Nirvana

Man in the Box or Rooster = Man in the Box

Dominoes or Pizza Hut = Neither one

Beer drinkin’ or Bitch Slappin’ = Love the Bitches, so I give them the beer if you get my drift. Then I do the Ass Slappin LOL.


Danger Danger or Britny Fox = BRITNY FOX W/ Tommy on vocals

Pearl Jam or Nirvana = Nirvana   Dave Grohl s the man!
Dominoes or Pizza Hut = Dominoes
Beer drinkin’ or Bitch Slappin’ = Both


Alice Unchained singer Tien with Mike Inez!


7. What is your favorite and least favorite Alice in Chains songs to play live and why?


KB: Them Bones is my favorite if I have to pick one. Why ? Because it rips from beginning to end and the solo is a lot of fun to play. It’s never boring.


I don’t have a least favorite that is in our set list but, if I have to pick one then, I guess maybe, Fear the Voices. Why ? Because it’s to 80’s and I don’t think it was one of the better Alice songs. It just doesn’t fit in some how. That’s just my opinion.

BD: I dig Junkhead the best,Man in the box is my least fav


8. What was the biggest crowd, and the biggest pay check Alice Unchained ever played for?


KB: We play to a packed house in San Diego every show. Never checked the numbers but the ultimate show was San Diego County Fair in front of 10 thousand people 2 years ago. As far as money goes ? I’d rather keep that to ourselves.

BD: I think we drew 3 people once at the Shack,and I never have seen any $ yet,Ken has been imbezzling


Sean Kinney with the guys!


9. Has any member, Ex. member, hired gun, roadie, old or new from the band Alice in Chains ever attended one of your shows? Or better yet, got up and jammed with you?


KB: No one from Alice in Chains has attended our shows to date, (that we know of). However, when I met Jerry Cantrell. The first thing he said to me was, are we playing in town soon? I would like to attend. Based on his schedule, it’s a wait and see kind a thing. We hope he is able to show up one day. That is with the Alice Unchained version. Before AUC, some of the guys in a band called SAP. Mike Inez attended shows and AIC were interested in Tein as a replacement for Layne. That is all a touchy subject and it was probably a weird thing for them to consider and more than likely so weird that this is why it never materialized. The other members were in a band called DIRT. SAP and DIRT were both tributes to Alice in Chains. They joined forces to become the best Alice in Chains Tribute possible. Were still working on it LOL. You can never be as good as the original.

BD: Inez comes by every so often,but not yet,maybe we suck to bad?


10. The Last of Alice un Chained..Ken Bailey.



Last time you saw tits flashed from the crowd = Almost every show brother. What is Rock N Roll without being flashed? I like to get mooned by women. Guess I’m an ass man LOL.

Last gig you played for free = 1990

Last time you barfed from drinking = When I was 17

Last 80s concert you attended = Queensryche at the Universal Amphitheater LA

Last new Alice in Chains song you learned = As a band ? What the Hell Have I


Last time you saw tits flashed from the crowd = Last show,and I’m still in shock

Last gig you played for free = 1983

Last time you barfed from drinking = 1983
Last 80s concert you attended =Kiss Lick it up tour 
Last new Alice in Chains song you learned = Bobby:What the hell have I

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