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VAINS OF JENNA to invade ITALY with mini tour!

VAINS OF JENNA to invade ITALY with mini tour!


Average age = 20 years. 

Average attitude = fuck you.

Who the fuck are these guys? Is probably what you’re saying right now. That’s cool, we figured as much. Metal Sludge is always first to bring you the Sludge, and we’ll be first to tell you who’s worth a fuck! Drill 187 was a Rock on the Decline band that ripped your heads off. VAINS OF JENNA is next. We’ll just say that this will not be the last time you see or hear their name. VAINS OF JENNA was featured as 10?s Up n’ Sludgers artist last fall after making quite a splash in the city of angels. Metal Sludge is recognizing the ‘new’ onslaught of sleaze rock bands that are here to carry on where others have left off.


Jp White, Lizzy Devine, Nicki Kin & Jacki Stone!

Every once in a while a band comes along that makes you go: "What the fuck?" And in a good way. VAINS OF JENNA is one of those bands. These 4 friends from Falkenberg Sweden play ass kicking, ear spliting rock n’ roll. No rappers, no hair gel and no keyboards! Even though their average age is only 20 years old, they’ve already proven themselves to be legitimate contenders.

Lizzy Devine (vocals/guitar), Nicki Kin (lead guitar), Jp White (bass) and Jacki Stone (drums) formed in January 2004. Shortly after they found themselves playing the Whisky-a-Go-Go in Hollywood and recording with Gilby Clarke (x-Guns n’ Roses) producing. VAINS OF JENNA is set to hit ITALY for a small tour this month, and onto the UK in April before the band heads back to the Sunset Strip with attitude and an agenda.

Don’t say that no one warned you – VAINS OF JENNA is real, raw, and ready.

Thursday March 23rd, ROCK CLUB – Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), Italy 

Friday March 24th, SOUND FACTORY – Torino, Italy
Saturday  March 25th, BABY BLUE – Montorio (Teramo), Italy 
Sunday  March 26th, FACTORY04, Padova, Italy  Glamourama Fest Vol%1 feat. Vains of Jenna, Crackhouse & Lovin Dolls

Friday March 31st, LUSTHUSET, Falkenberg, Sweden w/ Hardcore Superstar

April 2006 London England are you ready for VAINS OF JENNA?


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