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Sludgeaholic for April Chaz from LA’s PumpkinJam!

Sludgeaholic for April Chaz from LA’s PumpkinJam!


Chaz hangs at the beach in Sludgendise!

But is pulling no chicks, just a palm tree?


Chaz is a Sludgeaholic since 1998. He likes KISS, strippers in high heels, walks on the beach and taking photos with no flash! To read more please proceed to question #1.

1. Who are you, where do you live and what’s your purpose in life if any?

I live in L.A., To rock rock till I drop!

2. Tell us about your band PumpkinJam & your goals for it?
Pumpkin Jam is a cover band I’ve been playing for 11 years. We all have day gigs so at this point it’s all for fun. Nothing like free beer, girls throwing panties, and a paycheck at the end of a night. Now how many none signed bands can claim they get that?
3. You have a page that can be seen on Myspace, and for sometime your profile picture was you sporting Sludgendise. What kind of friends did this awesome active wear attract?
Well the funny thing is that I always had a good following with a lot of the chicks that are into rock (I think it’s the hair). Anyway, I noticed that when I put my sludgewear pics up I get two times more mail than usual.


Was the flash broken? And who authorized this pose?

4. Name your favorite and least favorite bands?
I’m pretty open to most kinds of music. I’d say my favorites bands make the best stripper music. Motley, Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, Skid Row ect. My least favorite bands are the ones that use canned (pre-recorded) music. I mean don’t get me wrong I like bands that use that sound well like NIN, but if you’re trying to get a good sound there is nothing like a live band. Using canned music just makes the whole thing sound like glorified karaoke to me.
5. What are you turn ons and turn offs?
Turn ons:

My chick

Stripper high heels

Low rise jeans (on a chick never on a dude!)

Turn offs:

Grandma underwear

Cigarette breath

Poor feminine hygiene
6. Give us the breakdonw on meeting rock stars! Who has been the coolest and who have been the biggest dicks?

Paul Stanley – coolest fucking guy!

Gene Simmons – Coolest fucking guy and biggest fucking dick


Chaz & some guy namned Paul at the local mall!

7. What former Sludgette would like to slap around behind closed doors?
Tamar and Sharon, word on the street is they like being slapped around behind close doors! Ha ha Plus I’ve been working hard…I’m worth a duece
8. How did you first find about Metal Sludge and how long have you been visiting the site?
A friend told me about it back in 98 or so. I’ve been hooked on the site since.
9. My motto is…
Its not easy being cheesy.


You’re right Chaz, this shot is pretty cheesy!

Was it done at Sears or Glamour Shots?

10. How do you feel about being crowned a Sludgeaholic?

It’s pretty cool actually. My friend The Ryan King say’s it’s nice being royalty…maybe this is my big shot!

Visit Chaz now @
www.myspace.com/chazzyy or www.pumpkinjam.com 

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