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Duff McKagan (Ex-Gn’R) rumoured to be in rehab!

Duff McKagan (Ex-Gn’R) rumoured to be in rehab!


Duff McKagan far right reportedly in rehab again!


Updated: April 4th 2006

The following is an excerpt from a Rolling Stone article. This is the facility that Duff has reportedly been back for more than a karate lesson and a visit too! He’s having some "issues" according to our source and wants to stop them now!

"Duff was a huge inspiration to me," Weiland says. "A lot of people who don’t know him, they just think he’s an alcohol– and drug-addled rock star married to a hot chick. In actuality, he means what he says, he says what he means. He’s a great father, a loving husband, I like the way he handles his finances." McKagan introduced Weiland to the program that has gotten him clean: an intense martial-arts retreat in the mountains outside Seattle. McKagan’s own analysis of his relationship with Weiland is more concise: "You can’t bullshit a bullshitter."  Source: Rolling Stone

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Well as always Metal Sludge is being tagged as the "bad" people because of our recent blurb about Slash allegedly bailing on Velvet Revolver. Of course there is no hard facts for this yet, but like the old saying goes: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Metal Sludge has received a few tips from some insiders claiming that Slash & VR are on the outs. 

We also did a recent post when former Guns n’ Roses manager Alan Niven wrote us a letter to publish, and we did. We also confirmed this as we communicated directly to Alan himself.

Now an additional source has told us that Duff McKagan has indeed entered a rehab center in the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington near his home. The following was e-mailed to us today.

Hey Sludge,
I have a bit of gossip you might find interesting. Seems like Duff from VR is back in rehab. He went to the same place he did last time to get clean and also where they took Weiland to get clean. The rehab place is up in Washington state in the mountains. From what I have heard everyone is trying to keep this really quiet.


A follow up phone call to the "HB" source has also noted that the rehab center directs a lot of attention towards holistic recovery. In addition martial arts and meditation are also used. Not sure what it all means yet, but Sludge is banking that VR is having some issues that are not fully public yet.  

Let’s not forget that Slash’s wife Perla is being mentioned as the scape goat by more "sources" than Sludge. The last time this happened someone named Yoko ruined the best band to ever stand on a stage!

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