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20?s w/ new Motley Crue drummer Harvey Warren!

20?s w/ new Motley Crue drummer Harvey Warren!


Motley Crue drummer Harvey Warren

and Motley Crue boobie-cam operator Tommy Lee


Well we have a few very cool interviews coming your way, but felt the need to bump everyone back a week. Why you ask? For obvious reasons, like to bring you 20?s with Motley Crue drummer Harvey Warren. This has been a hot story, and unless you’ve been under a rock, or at a cooking convention in Kentucky, then you’re aware of Harvey Warren and his recent run-in with Motley Crue!

So without further babble, read on and enjoy.

1: What’s new with 1-900, plug your Cds, tours, websites and more?

HW: We are 1-900 from Calgary Alberta, we have a new CD out that’s self titled and our 3rd independent CD. We recorded it at Chad Kroeger’s house from Nickelback with Joey (you know what the hells on Joey’s head – Joey) and it was produced by Brian Howes. We just had a big CD release last weekend with a sold out show of 600 people.

You can visit us at www.one900band.com and we are just in the middle of a bunch of media/press stuff from the CD release, my fill-in with Tommy Lee, and our singer Jd is doing a documentary with “RockStar” the TV show.


Harvey Warren plays drums for Motley Crue while Tommy Lee chills behind

the monitors giving him instructions via head-set & in-ear monitors system.

2.  Let’s skip the bullshittin’ dude, what’s up with you & Motley FUCKIN’ Crue? Tell the Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes how you ended up playing with Motley Crue?

I was at work (at Starbucks) and I was just gonna go on
a l
unch break. When my cell phone rang and somebody said; "hey are you coming to the Motely Crue show in Red Deer?" And I said: "Well…I don’t know." And then they said we wanted to do a practical joke on Tommy and the rest of the Crue! And I said: “Well okay.” I kind of didn’t believe them at first and I thought it was the local radio guys playing a trick. So the guy goes: “Listen, I know you don’t believe me, but I’m going to have somebody call you, that put us in contact with you and let you know it’s the real thing. We wanna do this thing on these guys.”

So before the other guy could even call me, I think they were just panicked, and their road manager called me and says: "Listen Harvey, this is the REAL DEAL! How familiar are you with the material and how long will it take you to get to Red Deer? Cause I need you to play anywhere from 2 songs, to the whole night!" And I said: "Well, I can be there in 3 hours!"

MS: So that was what day?

HW: Wednesday.

MS: And you were at work, at Starbucks, on your lunch break at 12: o’clock?

HW: Yup

MS: And the show was that night?

HW: Yup.

MS: Okay.

HW: And sound check was 3:pm. So I said: “Okay, well I need to get some stuff.” And they said: “Bring your pedals and your sticks, and whatever you need to bring. You can just use Tommy’s kit.” So I grabbed some of my stuff, and I grabbed my lap top. And I had just picked up the Motley Crue live DVD the day before. They were gonna call me back with a set list, which nobody really did, but I just threw the DVD in the lap top and started going over the live endings and that kind of crap. There was like two and a half hours on the DVD, but I had no idea what songs we were gonna be playing.

So they told me where to pull up and stuff. As soon as I get there, they have a video camera and the whole crew waiting for me.

MS: What time did you get there at?

HW: "I got there about quarter to three." And they go: "Go right up to the drum kit! We’re taking you right up to the drum kit, sit down and just start playing!" So then I thought, maybe this is a big joke.

(laughter from MS & HW)

HW: So I sit down and start playing and Steve-O the drum tech is like: “Okay man, perfect! What do you need to change?” And so I change it all around, and we went through the in-ear system (monitor mixes) and any of the stuff we had to run that way, what the set up was going to be, and then I got a schooling on the pyro and when that’s going to go off. Where to go, and where not to go. So I don’t die from pryo.

(more laughter)

HW: So they said: “Okay, you got about a half an hour till Nikki and Mick gets here.” So I went in the back and took the set list that they were currently playing, and then I was able to cut down from what I was suppose to learn, to what I already knew. And then the boys ( Nikki & Mick) arrived and the 3 of us went over a couple tunes. Nikki said: “What do you know best? Let’s go over that.” Just to feel it out, check the sound and monitors. So we did “Shout at the Devil” and ahhh…some other tune ( Harvey’s thinking and drawing a blank?). Then Vince came, and we did a couple songs with Vince. It was all good, and then Vince left. Then we just went over some beginnings and endings and what we were going to do. And I cut a couple songs out, cause they do a “Glitter” and “Without you” kind of a mix. And I didn’t have enough time to learn the medley going into each other. So they just did the songs that I knew, and we did 2 hours, and no drum solo, thank God!

(laughter again)

HW: So he says to me: "Okay, as soon as we’re done with these songs, are you gonna do a drum solo?" 

MS: Who said this, Nikki or Tommy?

Nikki. Nikki
kept doing that. Well Tommy was in the hospital.

MS: Oh, he was in the Hospital.

HW: Yeah, well he was at the Doctors, at emergency getting his wrist checked. So when he got back we had finished sound check already. So then we went in his room.

MS: So he had never even heard you play at that point?

HW: Nope, Nope. What seemed weird, was that first I went into Nikki’s room for some of the DVD endings, and then me & Tommy went over a bunch of drum stuff, I made a big cheat sheet, and we had an hour til show time, and we got ready, and went on!


             Harvey on the cover of the Calgary Sun!

MS: How was it for you, being in Nikki “Fucking” Sixx’s dressing room, and him looking at you with a serious ass look, going: “Dude, this is how we do this ending and that ending?” What are you thinking? You had to be practically pissing yourself?

HW: Yeah I was. On one hand, he’s like totally my idol, but I was so in the zone, that it was just “this needed to be done!” You know?

MS: Yeah, exactly.

HW: You know what’s like when you play your instrument everyday, like, I play drums everyday. Once I was behind drums, It’s like a safety blanket, I felt comfortable and I wasn’t really nervous. I almost think they were more nervous than me, because they don’t know what I can do.

Nikki just kept on saying: “Just have fun!” And Mick was awesome. Mick was like: “Anything you don’t know? Just 4 on the floor! Just play right through it!”


MS: 4 on the floor huh?

HW: And Nikki was just like: “Man, just have a ton of fun!” And Tommy actually sat beside me through the whole show!

MS: That must have been even more insane! For you as a drummer, you’re sitting on the fucking drum kit, behind Motley Crue, in an arena filled with thousands of people, and Tommy Lee is sitting there going: “Dude, are you ready?”

HW: Yeah. Well I had my in-ears in, and he’s got a microphone. So I can hear what he’s saying to me. And then he’s punching me in the ass and telling me to show off a little bit too.

MS: Right.

HW: Yeah, I got the whole Tommy Lee spins down, twirl the sticks and stuff. I do this stick toss where I throw it up in the air and catch it upside down and stuff. He was just lovin’ it. He was involved too. We came out and did “Shout at the Devil” and then he came right out front. He had hi sin-ears in, and he just did the show as if he was doing everything, but playing the drums. He came right out and introduced me and the band, and then said what was going on. And he still did the boobie cam, road his harley out, and Mick does his solo and they have a couple crash parts, so he came out on the drum kit and did that. And he did the piano for “Home Sweet Home” so people thought it was pretty cool you know. I have a bit of video from it, and everybody was pretty happy with the outcome I think. I mean a lot of people know who I was in that area. There were a lot of people from my town there.

MS: So, you’re still with the band as a safety net for a couple of shows right?

HW: Well I’m home right now. And they have a flights booked for me, but if it’s not needed, than I don’t go out. So, I’m on call. I actually think they got another buddy of Tommy’s, I don’t know who it is, maybe his drummer from his other band was coming to visit him anyway. So, he might be filling in a song or two, or maybe the whole night. I’m not too sure. But they still phone me all the time and let me know what’s going on.




Harvey Warren and Vince Neil compare arm pits and tattoos!

3. What do your band mates in 1-900, and your friends think about your new "side gig"?

HW: The people that know me weren’t surprised that they got me, but they can’t believe that I pulled it off. They just thought it was awesome. It just ran perfectly in line with the recent release of our new CD. We had a ton of local press that was just starting to tail off…

MS: And now it’s gone International?

HW: It’s insane! There is a little bit of cross over as I play once in a while with my 80s band (Broken Toyz) too. My stage name is Licky Stix! It’s all kind of a Motley Crue endorsed thing, and that’s the thing I do. Nobody is surprised that I got the call, but they are surprised that I pulled it off.

4. Do you got a girlfriend? And if not, or either way, do you realize that you now have several THOUSAND new options for pussy?

HW: I got a wife, so we’re good!

5. Rate a drummer 1-10. 1 being a total joke and 10 being a God!

Neil Peart = A 9, but never been a Rush fan!        

Riki Rockett = is another guy that I grew up on, I would give him an 8 for hair!

Bobby Blotzer = is a 5 because I think he’s probably an asshole!

Rob Afusso = good guy, but I think he’s got a bit of an ego problem.

Lars Ulrich = pro tools, pro tools, pro tools.

Brent Fitz = 10, nicest guy I’ve ever met!

Terrio Bozio = just met him this year, 10 but I’m not a technical drum fan.

Frankie Banali = played a show with him about a year ago, super nice guy, shared drum gear with him, we’ll give him a 9

Joey Jordison = we’ll give him a 10 cause I could never do, what he does

Tommy Lee = is a HUNDRED and TEN!

6. What was your first impression of the sound of the drum kit when you got up there and let it rip?

HW: I didn’t get the true feeling until they turned the house on because everything is an in-ear monitor system. But just to sit behind it was awesome!

7. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth & why!

HW: (long pause) shit, can we come back to this one?

MS: Sure.

8. What’s the difference between playing w/ 1-900 @ The Roadhouse in Calgary AB and playing with Motley Crue @ The Enmax Center in Red Deer, Alberta?

HW: When we play at the Roadhouse I have to haul everybody’s gear, cause they all want to go and drink beer. When I play with Motley Crue, I walk off and I drink beer!

9. Name 3 great things and 3 bad things about living in Canada?

HW: Great = Freedom, The Air, The People

Bad: Traveling forever to get to another gig, People are closed minded on new music, Not enough good 80s metal bands around.

10. Tell us about your cover band Broken Toyz and what’s it all about?

It’s basically a baby METAL SKOOL and it was a fun thing to do on Tuesdays. Now it’s probably the ONLY thing to do on Tuesdays in our town. We pretty much do what METAL SKOOL does, but they’re far more advanced, we’re not at that point yet. We’re a good time to come out on Tuesdays and I still think I can kick their drummers ass.

MS: Did you ever see METAL SKOOL?

HW: Yup. I went to see them when I came out for NAMM this year.

11. Pick your Poison:

Shout at the Devil or Girls, Girls, Girls = Shout

Hand jobs or Rim jobs = Rim

Cafe Latte Grande or Cafe Mocha w/ Pumpkin Spice = Straight up Espresso

1986 or 2006 = 86 for Motley Crue, 2006 for 1-900

Tattoos or Piercings = 50/50

Double bass or Single kick = Single big ass kick with a double pedal

Big fake boobs or Small firm titties = 50/50

Smoking or Drinking = drinking

12. What hard rock band should give it up and call it a day?


MS: Any reason why?

HW: Who’s in the band now?

MS: You’re guess is as good as ours. 

HW: Exactly.





Harvey (2nd from left) on stage with the Crue in Canada!


13. Kill, fuck, merry with Canadians! Your three choices are Shania Twain, Tom Green, Nina Arsenault.

HW: Who is Nina Arsenault?

MS: The tranny that Tommy Lee hit on up in Canada?

HW: Oh okay. (laughing) We’ll merry Shania, kill the transvestite, and sleep with Tom Green.

MS: You’re gonna fuck Tom Green?

HW: Oh yeah, why not.

14. You said you had captures of you with rock stars wearing Sludgendise! What stars?

HW: The best one was I had my shirt on with Sebastian Bach, cause I know he hated it. I had my coat on and I was too chicken to take it off cause I thought he’d punch me in the face. It was on his solo tour, our band opened up for him when the guy from Anthrax was playing with him.

MS: So, you’ve been a Sludgeaholic for a long time?

HW: Oh yeah. Since way back, me and my singer are 80s metal freaks. The first thing I did was order a t-shirt online.

15. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your music career to date?

HW: High: Being flown to New York to play for all the labels last year, Playing with Motley Crue, Playing a festival in Calgary called SnowJam for Molson Canadian.

MS: How many people?

HW: Thousands, I can’t even imagine. Like 20,000 people or something.

HW: Low points: Nobody signing 1-900 because everybody got fired from their label when we left New York, then we went to play for Sony Studios in Canada and they were gonna sign us a deal, and when we got home the next day their president got fired, and #3 will be right after all of this when nobody gives a shit as to who the hell I am!


                 1-900 the band!

16. Was the Motley Crue the fastest or the shortest 2 hours of your life?

HW: It seemed to go by pretty quick. It was 2 hours, and I’d just love to do it again, That’s all.

MS: Was your meter all jacked at first coz you were so excited?

HW: Not at all. I always run with a Tama drum click.

MS: So that gig was just cake huh, everything just set up for you?

HW: Well I’m lucky that I know how to play to all that stuff, because if you weren’t an in-ear kind of a guy who can play to a click, you wouldn’t have been able to do it.

MS: So Tommy was sitting right there off your hi-hats the whole night?

HW: Yeah, he was punching me in the leg and fucking with me the whole time. (laughing)

MS: All that’s great.

HW: Yeah and then Nikki introduced me as the drummer for Motley Crue, and then our other drummer over there is Tommy Lee. So it was funny.


Harvey Warren, Tracii Gunns and some great looking guy!

17. Have you ever had thoughts of banging on Tommy Lee’s drums before, or for that matter his wife Pamela Anderson?

HW: Thought about both actually. (laughing) I was actually Tommy’s drum tech. On his Dj tour in Calgary.

MS: You were?

HW: Yup.

MS: So did you meet him at that gig and did he remember you the other night?

HW: Here’s the background. When he was in Methods of Mayhem, I knew his guitar player Kai and bass player Rob who produced my first record, with Mike Plotnikoff. Kai introduced me to Tommy about 6 years ago. So we were e-mal buddies for quite a while, then kind of lost touch. Then I was his drum tech about a year and half ago and we’d been talking on and off.

MS: So did he know you were going to be the guy filling in for him?

HW: No, not until he got there (back from the Hospital at 5:pm).

MS: So did he walk in and go like: “Dude! Holy fuck you’re the guy!”

HW: Yup. Exactly.

MS: Wow, How cool for you man.

18. What was your biggest ever musical related pay day for and what did you but with it?

HW: The biggest one I’ll be getting from Motley Inc, cause I’m on pay roll right now!

MS: Nice, and we’re not expecting you to disclose that right now if you don’t want.

HW: No, and I don’t want to piss them off. I’m going to pay off my VISA!

MS: What about the smack in the mouth?

HW: Randy Bachman from BTO.

MS: Why what happened with him?

HW: I don’t know, he’s just on my list. If I have to hear “Taking care of Business” ever again I’m going to shoot someone. That and “Born to be Wild.” Why does anyone ever have to play those songs ever again? Ever!

19. Word Association:

JD Eckstrom = Singer

Joey Moi = Smoke

Mike Sweeney = Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sebastian Bach = Bitch

Rj Killinger = Bobby

Brian Howes = Weasel

Nikki Sixx = God

Chad Kroeger = Nice guy, sucks at bubble hockey

Mike Plotnikoff = Super quiet, nice guy

Tommy Lee = Super star, God, love him!

20. The last of Harvey Warren…

Last time you served a coffee at Starbucks = last Monday. Wednesday I just sat around!

Last time you played a Poison song live = Thursday night! Talk dirty to me

Last rock star you shook hands with (besides the Crue) = Umm, Wuv from POD

Last time you barfed from drinking = Probably a year ago at
’s studio

Last 80s CD you cranked in the car (besides the Crue) = White “Pride”

Last time you cried = I have no idea

Last fast food you ate = MacDonalds, yesterday

Last time you felt betrayed = umm, a year ago

Last Motley tune you learned for the show = Louder than Hell

Last time you visited Metal Sludge = 15 minutes ago


Wuv from the band POD w/ Harvey at NAMM!

This is a great story, there is nothing else to add but a Shout (at the Devil) out to the Motley boys for making this all happen! And a double Shout out to Harvey Warren for kicking ass.

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