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Metal Sludge turns 9 years old today! Yippee!

Metal Sludge turns 9 years old today! Yippee!


Well folks it’s been 9 years, and this silly internet idea of mine is still alive.

To think back brings many laughs and some sadness as well. I’d love to elaborate but it’s not the time. Maybe one day there will be a book.

Let’s just say that Metal Sludge has evolved and isn’t quite what it once was. But neither are any of you after another decade in your life has gone by.

There were many highs and several lows. And many of you have experienced or watched from a far during all or most of it.

I will say that in the early days when none of you really knew for sure who was doing what, myself and my old friend would find ourselves laughing outloud long distance on the phone. This idea seemed to take on a life of it’s own, and with our combined efforts, and the eventual help of some others – Sludge seemed to accomplish what we set out to do. 

That was to help give the 80s, hairbands, the Sunset Strip and all it stood for a breath of life after grunge had nearly killed it off. 

Of course there were some kicks to the asses of certain individuals along the way, but that was all in the name of Rock n’ Roll.

No harm was meant, just some good old fashioned dirt slinging.  But as we know that stuff subsided quite a lot in recent years. And for good reason. I don’t want to have to look Jani Lane in the face and ask "where did the Down Boys – GO?"

At this point I have to admit, it has been very trying to care about or acknowledge this site on a daily basis. Especially when faced with the haters attempts to hack & destroy all of what this site offers. This year alone Sludge has been hit hard and it has cost me dearly.

But even though faced with these continuous challenges, like many other things in my life – I don’t quit.

Fact is, even though this site still makes some money, I have went very deep into my pockets to keep it up and running. Faced with a few serious legal issues a while back, I laid out tens of thousands of dollars to help fight for Metal Sludge, and it’s ability to stay online. And that ain’t no joke.  I could’ve bought a brand new Expedition with the money I spent to keep this thing afloat.

So when I hear people talking smack about the site or my lack of care for it – I can’t help but be disappointed after all I have done, or tried to do.

Without babbling anymore I leave you with this, with no shame either.

This site and it’s expenses, including a huge legal debt need help. I ask for those who wish to contribute to please do so. If you’d like, buy a t-shirt, advertise your band, or flat out – make a donation through Pay Pal.

Metal Sludge is here, and it will continue to be so, with or without your help. But any and all support is greatly, and truly appreciated.

I hope that in some way over the years Metal Sludge has brought you some joy, information or entertainment that has made you smile.

Sludgendise is HERE

Pay Pal account = info@tuffcds.com

Rock n’ Roll Regards to all, Stevie Rachelle & Metal Sludge

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