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Update: Tawn Mastrey is in the hospital dying.

Update: Tawn Mastrey is in the hospital dying.


A very sad e-mail has just come into Metal Sludge.

If anyone can help, please do so.

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From: My Tawn Link

Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 9:56 AM

To: My Tawn Link

Subject: Tawn Mastrey update 09.24.07 URGENT!

Tawn Mastreyis in the hospital dying.

We don’t know how long she can hold on, as she is in desperate need of a liver.  We fear that her kidney and heart are also now having troubles due to her liver failing from Hepatitis C.  Major complications are occurring and if she waits too long, she will be too ill to operate on.  She has been going from nursing home to emergency hospital every few days now. Tawn can receive a portion of someones liver from a living donor. Both donor and Tawn’s new 2-1/2 inch liver, (if it were to be received by living donor), will both grow back to normal healthy sizes in a matter of weeks. If anyone out there would like to become a living hero, this would truly be a huge way of doing it.  I myself would give her a portion of my own liver, but I’m too small in body size.  It would take a man or woman with the same blood type as Tawn’s, O-negative, and also similar body size and weight.  Tawn weighs about 119 pounds. Tawn would have a second chance of life and both donor and Tawn would live a healthy normal life again. if Tawn receives a complete full liver from a deceased person, Tawn’s recovery time would be much quicker and therefore, less complications for her.  Either way, we pray she receives a liver soon. To apply for a screening to be a living organ donor, in order to Save Tawn’s life, please contact: Kathy Garvey 1 800 328 5465  or 612 625 8666 Organ Transplant Center, University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital     (Serious applicants only) Tawn has no other options as she has been left with no income and no assets, having to quit work months ago due to her being too ill to even speak.  Minnesota Government Medical Assistance health insurance is covering her bare essential medical costs.  Thank Goodness for that, but there are limits as to what we can and cannot do for her.  Donations to Tawn Mastrey Supplementary Needs Trust, will help with  those extra costs, and will also enable Tawn to survive the day to day expenses for the before and post operative care, by receiving the best comfort and care possible. Please help.  Thank you for your kind donations at www.tawnmastreybenefit.com There are simply not enough organs to go around and not enough time.  For more information on organ donors please go to:  www.donatelife.com Peace, Cara Mastrey


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