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Fan claims Zakk Wylde out of control at Tempe show.

Fan claims Zakk Wylde out of control at Tempe show.


Zakk "Canel Toe" Wylde before the beard & biker look.


A fan has written into Metal Sludge and then posted his story HERE on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards.

His claim is that Zakk was out of control at a recent show in Tempe, AZ.

What a train wreck last night at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe , AZ. From the beginning of the show you could tell that Zakk was beyond wasted. His voice (which is usually crap anyway) was nothing but a bunch of slurring mess. Then around half way through the show it all went wrong. He tried to do an acoustic song (Blood Is Thicker Than Water) and not only did his guitar sound like crap (and his playing as well) but he didn’t remember the words. Then he decided to do some piano songs (which are usually pretty good) and they sucked so bad you could barely tell what song he was attempting to play. After the horror that was a crappy guitar solo he handed the guitar to drummer Craig Nunenmacher who played nothing but noise for almost 10 min. When that was finally over Zakk brought out a young kid to play some guitar as well. He was good but no one knew who he was. You could tell the rest of the band was getting upset at this point and when Zakk finally got the guitar back be could barely play. So he put the guitar down and proceeded to moon the crowd (and spread his cheeks) from under his Kilt. Finally he sat back down at the piano (after around 45 min. of barley playing one song at all) and played a horrible version of In This River. Then he tried to play a “special” version of Blood Is Thicker Than Water (again) on piano that he stopped in the middle and made the band start again because it sucked so bad. After a band jam (where Zakk was dancing and doing a Michael Jackson moonwalk impression) he started on a really long rant about some crap that no one could understand (something about General Patton among other things). Finally, after talking for another 10 min. Zakk closed the show with Stillborn after almost three hours. That’s right…the whole mess lasted almost three hours. We all know Zakk likes to drink but this was totally out of control.

Thanks for listening! I hope someone has some more information for you.

Well it’s been a few days and we’ve yet to hear from anyone else at the gig?

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