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Buckcherry checks in with update from the studio!

Buckcherry checks in with update from the studio!


Buckcherry working on follow up to "15"

Hey everybody, this is the first entry in the studio blog for the upcoming record. We came off the road at the end of September and took a few days off, then got right back to work writing and rehearsing new material.

Right now things are going well, we’ve got 5 songs completed as full demo recordings, another 4 or 5 songs that have been written completely, and a boat load of great ideas we’re trying to finish.

I’m stoked on the new stuff! We got off to a slow start for us, I think we’re were all so used to being in a tour bus that it took us a while to settle in.

Oh….. and X and I had to ride our choppers from Florida to LA with a few friends to blow out the cobwebs, and get in the right frame of mind for the long studio hours. JT’s been spending some quality time in the boxing gym, Stevie’s been decorating his new pad, and Jimmy is impeccably dressed, as usual. But… we are definitely deep in it now, and this past week has produced what may be the most ass-kicking songs we’ve ever written.

I’m really looking forward to playing this stuff live, and I really can’t wait for you guys to hear this stuff!!! Anyway, I’ll have more specifics later on the songs, maybe a few titles, and we’ll keep ya posted as to when we actually start the record. More and this and other useless info soon to follow. Keep the faith!


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