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Wednesday 13 issues new CD “Skeletons” @ Hot Topic.

Wednesday 13 issues new CD "Skeletons" @ Hot Topic.


Wednesday 13 = not from a boy band.

Wednesday 13 is a busy ghoul as always and has just released a new solo effort (his 3rd) entitled "Skeletons". 

You can buy this at Hot Topic locations for info. go HERE.

Wednesday 13 has been involved in 15 related releases including titles from Murderdolls, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and Maniac Spider Trash. Currently Wednesday has over 20 European tour dates listed for May and upwards of 40 US dates that start in July.

It seems like just about every year this guy is killing it on the road, and lying down deadly tracks in the studio. Never one to be short handed on the creepy song titles, and gore galore, "Skeletons" seems to be more of the same. Only better, err, we mean deader than before.

 Track lisiting for "Skeletons"
  1. "Scream Baby Scream"
  2. "Not Another Teenage Anthem"
  3. "Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed"
  4. "From Here to the Hearse"
  5. "Put Your Death Mask on"
  6. "Skeletons"
  7. "My Demise"
  8. "With Friends Like These"
  9. "No Rabbit in the Hat"
  10. "All American Massacre"
  11. "Dead Carolina"

For more info. on this creep check out his MySpace HERE.

The track "Skeletons" by Wednesday 13 on YouTube

Or if you wanna stalk his history check out Wikipedia

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