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Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff: “I’m such a jaggoff.”

Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’Nuff: "I’m such a jaggoff."


Donnie Vie (right) loves his fans but calls himself a Jaggoff.

Update: Donnie is up and awake and writing weird stuff on Monday night.

You be the judge and read below.

hi everyone.

its me,dONNIEvIE from donnievie. com(you know with the vieclub and the cool downloads)also you may know me as the original lead singer songwriter of eNUFFzNUFF.I took about 7 years off and married a real nice pretty girl,,but she didnt really like all the noise I made trying to make pretty songs for all my pretty fans and handsome friends. meanwhile while I was away,a very ,well sort of nice man who was shorter and not as nice looking as me(not saying that Im nice looking or anything,,,he was just a lot less)took over my job and sang my songs respectfully well .but seeing as how my girl and I didnt see eye to eye,I left sadly,and now to cheer me up I kindly requested my job back.

the band was kind enuff to have me back,and I hope everyone will accept me as well. in return for your kindness,,I have opened my website Donnievie. com up for new members as of today.and recorded close to 40 of my favorite ballads and pop songs new and old with just an accoustic guitar and my vocal.its very nice and intimate and I hope you download them and enjoy them. thank you to all who took the time to read my nice post.and cant wait to see you at a theater near you supporting a brand new album by enuff znuff.its so good to be back.feal free to send me a message at my myspace page.

thank you fuckers and have a wonderful day!!!!! love,donnie vie 

It seems Mr. Entertainment Donnie Vie is posting some goodies for all to read on his MySpace HERE.

The following has been cut, pasted and is currently being discussed on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards HERE.

Body: im just not feelin the love I need right now.Ive been out of the game for 7 years.Ive just split with my ex,and also got fucking locked out of this frikin MY space(ha) for months.I wanna feel like a goddamn ROCKSTAR.lets see some real activity,or Im fucking out of here.Hahahahahahanew downloads.intimate versions of songs from the coming album(ezn Lazy dazy) La smogg,(I wont let ya down)old EZN( aint it funny,habbits,valentine song etc…)beatles and more. while supplys last. makes a great gift.

Put dONNIEvIE in someone you care abouts life Hahahahahahahaha dONNIEvIE.

com chtm

—–and then this—-

Part 2 – Monday

what the fuck do I gotta do?

Body: what is it gonna take to get some attention around here.you know what ???fuck this shit.I aint logging in no more.

I got better things to do,than to sit around waiting for adulation from my "FRIENDS & FANS" if thats what you wanna call yourselves. hahahahahahaha. Im such a jaggoff.

new downloads available tday at Donnievie. com.

also finally new members are being taken in now. to the Vieclub a.k.a. smokin crack.(you will see when you get there.I WISH I COULD COME THROUGH YOUR FUCKIN COMPUTERS AND GRAB YOU BY THE HAIR AND THROW YOUR ASS RIGHT SMACK AT THE VIECLUB DAMNIT.

And there is a few I just want to pull your hair!!!!

Donnie, is everything allright?

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