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Enuff Z’nuff’s Donnie Vie lets loose on myspace again.

Enuff Z’nuff’s Donnie Vie lets loose on myspace again.


"I really believe this is the time for this band.this is the record!"



As some of you might know Donnie has recently got his myspace account back. So we have tracked some of his recent blogs and blurbs. Go HERE, or HERE, and again HERE for the full monty.

as some of you know,,Im in vegas mixing the new ezn record,,(mixxed by Vinnie Castaldo..he also co produced and played the fabulous drums on this record) anyway I was in last night replaying the guitar on a song,and I got to hear some finished work. FUCK!!!! this record soars miles above any ezn record we have made. the songs are my best to date,,,and it features Jake E Lee playing guitar along with myself and of course the Great Chip Znuff on the bass.

this one was done right. it tool a long time…we recorded it and rerecorded it ,and used all the best gear and the newest hottest production and mixxing ideahs.(vinnie)It was a long time since Ive made a znuff album,so I knew it had to be somthing special,and we had a lot of unresolved issues,,and alot of new bullshit and serious soul searching went down,as a result of issues,and my transition into a human being and not a wild animal,and just plane pressure of life and the huge amounts of energy mixxing it up due to all the great minds and talents involved in making this motherfucker.I really believe this is the time for this band.this is the record!!!!! we have paid our dues and we have struggled and we have learned it takes more than talent to be a great band.I have seriously been completely clean of the hard drugs for about 5 months,,and I know thats not very long,,,but I feel so much better,and I love the sunshine,,and I love my self and my life now,(total opposite of before) and many huge things are starting to come my way,,cause im firring both guns(plus my little gun,,,,,,well i wouldnt say little!hahaa)and im taking care of my business.and I know you gotta see it to believe it,,,,,,I sometimes cant believe it,,I really started to think it would never happen.but we are rehearsing (Donnie vie/vox guitar,piano,kilt no underwear,,,,Chip Znuff/bass,raspy vox,,,,,CJ SZuter?lead guitar and all kinds of vox,love and support….and Randi Scott,,,drums,,,,,big fuckin drums ,with cocks this big<—————–>{scale of miles) and we are gearing up for the ride of our lives,,,,,,) if we dont see ya at rocklahoma,,,well see ya soon at a theater near you,,thanks to artist world wide entertainment.! anyways,,,,,here it comes,,,here comes the plug……get your membership at the Vieclub at Donnievie. com and or get the downloads of some 40 of my favorite ezn & dv & beatles songs ….its just me and my accoustic guitar,in whatever room in your house you want me in.hahahahahaha,,,,have a great day motherfuckers,,,,even you jaggoffs…….peace love and berger daisys,


Someone go buy some downloads from DonnieVie.com

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