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Destruction @ Rocklahoma. Storm collapses side stages.

Tragedy @ Rocklahoma.




Collapsed rigging gear, lighting, tents and PA speakers at Rocklahoma.

Update: 6:20pm (pst) Rumors are now becoming fact.

A video on YouTube HERE shows the aftermath of the collapsed stage!

A post at tulsaworld.com found HERE details some of what took place.

Part of that article says: "One person suffered a broken arm and was transported to the Mayes County Medical Center, Mayes County Sheriff Frank Cantey said. About 10 other people had minor injuries that didn’t require treatment, he said."

Rumors are circulating fast that tragedy has struck Rocklahoma.

The inbox is already getting e-mails, we’re getting texts and phone calls that detail a crazy Saturday afternoon.

A report from a fan stated: "The day was perfect and beautiful. Sun shine, hot 100+ temperatures and all of a sudden a black sky covered the grounds."

Reports are that rain poured, wind blew and that the side stages collapsed trapping some fans. Preliminary reports are fans suffered broken bones, scrapes and bruises.

A text into Sludge headquarters reads as follows:

"Unbelievable. The two side stages blew over and a girl was trapped. They got her out and she is going to be okay. One guy died a few hours ago before the rain started from heat exhaustion."

The death of a fan was reported by different sources but nothing has been officially confirmed.

A post has started HERE by fans getting phone calls and hearing first hand from friends who were there. One person mentions possible tornado.

Stay tuned for updates.

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