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Update on Warrant split. Jani Lane out, Robert Mason in?

Update on the Jani Lane and Warrant split.


Robert Mason (2nd from left) during his Lynch Mob days.

First off lets just say congrats to the Sludgeaholic "Deathcurse" who predicted this break up back on January 10th 2008.

Below is the exact post which can be found HERE.

"Warrant and Lane part ways"

Posted by: Deathcurse  – Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:19 am

Remind me to bump this in August.

Dude, your fucking Nostradamus. Nice work.

Ok, so our latest inside sources are telling us the band Warrant had made up their mind after Rocklahoma and we’re auditioning singers shortly after that. It was also mentioned that the band was not interested in resorting to the previous frontman (Jamie St. James of Black n’ Blue) for various reasons.

So it’s onward and upward for the down boys with from what we know – Robert Mason as their new lead singer.


Mason (2nd from right) in a more recent Lynch Mob shot.

Who is Robert Mason you ask? Well, Robert was the 2nd singer in Lynch Mob after Oni Logan and was also the first choice to replace Stephen Pearcy in Ratt. Matter of fact, Mason performed with Ratt at a industry showcase for John Kalodner and Portrait Records at the Viper Room, but the label informed the group that he was NOT what the label wanted. In turn, they went back to the drawing board and grabbed Jizzy Pearl.


Robert Mason 2008.

Robert is also the singer of a band called Big Cock from Phoenix Arizona and performs regularly with a Metal Skool type 80s tribute group called Metal Head. So, we’re guessing he has "Down Boys" & "Cherry Pie" down pat.

No word from the Warrant camp or Jani Lane on this breaking story yet.

Stay tuned.

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