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Tracii Guns answers your questions & works the McDonalds drive thru – video clip for proof.

Tracii Guns answers your questions & works the McDonalds drive thru!


Tracii Guns in the hat with the OG LA Guns line up.


Good ole’ Tracii Guns. Never one to let the fans down.

Recently Tracii (an avid Metal Sludge Gossip Board poster) went on a binge and answered a bunch of random questions from the Sludge faithful. In the recent few months we’ve had 2,000 new members to the community of over 25,000. You never know what star you’ll run into on the boards. Heck, Robbie Crane of RATT recently signed up too.

Now don’t be a dick and check out Tracii’s gorilla style interview below. And don’t be a bigger dick and NOT join the club. Become a Metal Sludge Board member today. Read the Sludge, sling the Sludge and have fun. Just don’t post any GnR shit that’ll land you in the clink.

The fans will be in yellow, Tracii in purple and Metal Sludge comments in red.

The interview starts out with a fan on the Metal Sludge Gossip Boards asking:

txmetalhead writes: Any updates on Tracii Guns getting full Rights?

No reply yet, but a shit talking fan chimes in.K.F.D writes: "No, but I heard he made an appointment for a chemical peel."

22 minutes after the first post.
Tracii Guns replies: "Hey,,, I missed this one,,,,, Still waiting for a judgment date with riley and the black case looks like its going into full litigation,,,,, the court system is too damn slow"

Machado writes: "Any news on the VH1 show you were filming??? How do you feel about the 1st Guns N Roses single that went to radio last week?"

Tracii: "I get too see the first 2 episodes next week,,, I hear its pretty cool,,, GnR single is trippy sounding, I think its over my head,,,,, One point in the song Axl sounds Like Chris van dahl which I got a kick out of,,,, I hope it does well"

Fun Fact: Chris Van Dahl was also the singer for Cherry Street & went by the name Roxie.

Machado: "Does this mean that VH1 picked up the show and will televise soon? Frikking Tracii on VH1. What a concept??? Since you asked, I’ll tell you. This new GnR song is pure shite!!!!!"

Tracii: "Im not sure if VH1 picked it up,,,,,, I know there are 13 episodes could end up anywhere,,,,,As far as the new GnR song goes,,,,,, Its not my current cup of tea but remember I am crazy and my opinion could change at any time."

Machado: "Speaking of crazy, tell us a story around the time LA Guns was opening for AC/DC?"

ace says: "That would be a travesty if Tracii got full rights to the band….I think it’s ridiculous that he’s touring as L.A. Guns, seeing as he’s the one who left the band and decided to start up another version. As Eddie Trunk has stated before, it’s stupid crap like this that only hurts the genre that is hard enough for those remaining to continue to make a living. If I were Phil & Steve, I’d be out of my mind….

Tracii: "get your facts straight before you post here newbie"

Editors note: ace recently signed up as a member and had 2 total posts as of 11-2-08.


Tracii Guns in the hat again, and the 2008 line up of his LA Guns.

Tracii on AC/DC tour: "Well ,, We started the first AC/DC tour in Portland Maine, I remember it being a Union run arena, not a huge one but it seemed FUCKING HUGE to me,, I turned my amps on to check them and a union guy went crazy on me( as if I wasnt nervous enough already) and told me to turn my fucking amp off because the stage was dark ( I found out later this means no sound until the union guys decide when its time to make noise again). So already I feel like a tool. Later on right before we went onstage I was standing at the bottom of the stage stairs nervous like you wouldnt believe and the house lights were still on, well the lights went down the crowd made the loudest roar I have ever heard in my life and it was at that moment I questioned if I could handle it,,, I actually hesitated for about 10 seconds then said fuck it and ran up there,,, My mouth was so dry and my heart was beating so fast I thought i was gonna pass out,,, everything sounded so weird on stage and the guys were so far away from me,,, it was like we were all on different planets. Our set was only 35 minutes and it went by in a flash….. the craziest thing was high fiving Angus after our set as he got ready to go onstage,,,,,,,,,, I have never had the excited feeling to that extreme until I played Donington with The Brides and had to go on after Slayer,,,, that was crazy"

Angry Jew asks: "Tracii , I know you have been asked this a million times but is there a reason that you never really talk about what you wrote for AFD."

Tracii: "Yes I havent talked to AXL and Yes AXL is a nut and I dont talk about my musical contributions to GnR because they are not that significant,,,, AS far as I know you are the only one who still asks me about GnR,,,,, Yes half of GnR is my name ,,, lets just leave it there."

rikirachtmanstheshit wrote: "Hey Tracii, What’s it like to be a washed up "never really was" been? Also, you do know that Traci is spelled w/ a "Y" right?"

Tracii: "Its better then being you."

ace comes back: "I’m actually not a newbie, although it may seem so. I’ve been coming to Sludge for at least 9 years or so, and am quite knowledgable on the genre. Anyways, what facts do I have wrong? You did leave LAG for BOD and LAG continued on while you were doing it. Then, you came back w/the "Original" LAG, which was a stretch, and now, it’s not even that anymore, yet the other version has continued on throughout all of this. I just don’t get it and think it’s ridiculous…why not just go out as your own band, or as Killing Machine, or even keep BOD alive and populate that band w/whatever members you want to have to create it? If the band had completely quit when you went to do BOD, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, as you see many bands out there touring/recording w/limited members from the band’s most successful period, but that wasn’t the case here. And this really isn’t a Tracii bash, I just think it’s wrong w/how you’ve proceeded in terms of L.A. Guns since you left the band and restarted a completely new version of it. Trust me, I would rather that you just got back w/Phil & Steve and pick up where you left off, but based on the comments I’ve read in different interviews on both sides, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. At any rate, like I said, this wasn’t a bashing….maybe if you enlightened me on what I’ve got wrong, my opinion would change."

Traci: "1. I never quit L.A. GUNS

2. I found out Steve Riley Was cashing publishing checks and not paying out. Thats when I said I would never play with hm again.

3. Phil Lewis was asked 3 times to join L.A. Guns from 2006-2007 and he declined.

4. here is an interview where i said I was in both bands before I found out about the publishig fraud http://www.getreadytorock.com/10questions/tracii_guns.htm

Its very clear and there is no gray area"

Joeyfleagle writes: "So if Riley loses then you get the full rights to the name correct?"

Tracii: "He already defaulted,,, meaning he didnt answer the suit,,, now what happens is a date is set for a judgement which we then have to find is income streams to funnel the money back in my direction and also yes at this point he has no legal right to use the name and although he seems unwilling to stop it will now be a criminal offense from the default date forward…"

To go read the entire interview (post) go sign up and/or log in >HERE< on the Boards.

Read more about Tracii Guns >HERE< on Wikipedia. Or YouTube his ass for videos of LA Guns, Brides of Destruction and of course him working the drive thru at McDonalds. Think we’re joking? We’re not. Go >HERE< to watch the insanity which includes a London LeGrand cameo.

Hey Tracii, super size the fries please!

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