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Jamie St. James/Black n’ Blue on Jani Lane & Marq Torien.

Black n’ Blue singer Jamie St. James on Jani Lane & Marq Torien.


The original line-up (minus Tommy Thayer) is back on track.

A interview recently conducted by The Classic Metal Show with Black n’ Blue frontman Jamie St. James has some good Sludge in it for sure. For starters it sounds like Jamie had a few cocktails before he phoned in, either that or he slurs in an Adler-esque way naturally.

For people who are not familiar with The Classic Metal Show, please check out their YouTube home that features several hundred interviews with musicians, producers and even some idiots from myspace. The show is hosted by Wendell Neeley & Chris Akin – who are self proclaimed douche bags and are pretty witty with their return. They have vast knowledge of everything Metal and not that it’s any grand feat, but they have 5 times the charisma of Eddie Trunk & the haircut 100 clan from that Vh1’s Talking Metal show.

Here are a few choice comments made by Jamie during the 3 part interview.

Jamie talking about Jani Lane & Warrant:

“He (Jani) certainly blew it, in my eyes, I mean wow. He just couldn’t keep it together – at all.”

“Those guys (Warrant) kept calling me, when I was doing Rocklahoma, when I was doing the Houston show, they were saying – hey we might need you to fill in. Because he is not doing good.”

“It just seems like he (Jani) doesn’t got his shit together.”

On some past problems touring with LA Guns & BulletBoys:

“The problem was Marq Torien. He’s an asshole. I can say that plainly.”

“He’s a fucking asshole. That guy is the biggest fucking piece of shit that ever grew on the earth.”

“Marq Torien was just as big a problem as anything ever was. That guy is a jerk. So, you heard it from me.”

On all the new summer festivals (Rocklahoma, Rock the Bayou):
"Well when you can get a band like Pretty Boy Floyd playing these things, I mean, who are they?"

Chris Akin from the Classic Metal show on Marq Torien:

“We’ve had our run-ins with Marq too.”

“We had him (Marq) on our show telling us lie after lie after lie for about a half hour at one point.”

Interview with Black N’ Blue Vocalist Jaime St. James (Part 1) (Part 2) & (Part 3).

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