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“Rock of Love – Bus” w/ Bret Michaels debuts tonight.

"Rock of Love – Bus" w/ Bret Michaels debuts 1-4-09


Bret Michaels & the "Rock of Love – Bus" hit the airwaves January 4th.


Well it’s that time of year again. Time for Sunday nights watching Vh1 and awaiting the episode where Mr. Michaels will brave the set without a net. No hat, head band, 2nd head band, or combination skull wrap. This in comparison is as risky as an X-Games double motor cycle flip for Michael’s – as the "head gear" is his safe harbor from the never ending reality that he likely has less hair than Klaus of the Scorps. But that’s neither hair or nor there. Lol.

Will he do it? Will he brave the unthinkable? Will he jump in a pool like the hair club for men models do? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Of course, watching the 2 dozen random bimbos flopping around like retards following their teacher at the mall is always entertaining as well. Not forgetting that most are hot enough to bang (and for the morons denying this – go back to your fat wife now), or at least bang their head off a table.

We did a sneak peak at the trailers below. Wow. They got a Daisy Junior on here that looks like she was pushed down a hill full of jagged rocks face first. Melissa seems hot, and they also got the token black chick who starts getting all gangsta from the start. Oh, and some old bitches too. You know like, Ambre & Rodeo. They look like they could be the Mom’s of half the contestants. Funny shit. Tune in for sure.

Without too much more from us, here are some related links and trailers.

Look for the insanity to start on Sunday January 4th 2009 on Vh1. Check your local listings.

Trailer for "Rock of Love-Bus" Premiere Act I is >HERE<.Also, Act 2 is >HERE< Act 3 is >HERE< Act 4 is >HERE< Act 5 is >HERE< Act 6 is >HERE< Act 7 is >HERE< & This Season on Rock of Love Sneak Premiere is >HERE<


Wanna meet all 20 bimbos 1 at a time? Go >HERE<

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