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L.A. Guns & L.A. Guns get coverage on RollingStone.com

L.A. Guns & L.A. Guns get coverage on RollingStone.com


Tracii Guns’ (in the hat) version & Phil Lewis’ version with Steve Riley (both far right)


An interesting L.A. Guns article courtesy of RollingStone.com

One night last summer, L.A. Guns took the stage at the Taste of Lombard food festival in Lombard, Illinois. At the same time, 1,200 miles away, L.A. Guns hit the stage at the Muscle Party Rockfest in Sarasota, Florida. How was this possible? Because L.A. Guns, like a growing number of acts, are touring in two competing lineups: one fronted by the group’s original guitarist, Tracii Guns, and another led by his Eighties bandmates, singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley. “Tracii’s L.A. Guns is bogus,” says Riley. “People want to hear the songs sung by the original lead singer.” Guns counters, “Those guys are a couple of dirty motherfuckers. I hired them for my band — if you get hired as a manager at McDonald’s, you don’t take over the McDonald’s.”

Two versions of the Guess Who, War, Jefferson Airplane, the Temptations and the Beach Boys are all battling for bookings next summer. Band members are crying foul, lawsuits are flying, fans are confused, and promoters are tempeted to give out shows to the lowest bidder.

“This has proved beyond Spinal Tap ridiculous,” says original L.A. Guns guiitarist Tracii Guns. “The next chapter would be us trying to book a convenience store and battling over the $300 they’d pay us.”

The fans are very out spoken and supportive of both sides.

The World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards have lit up on the article >HERE<

ZakkVanDime writes:

I’m amazed that ANYONE would go see Riley’s version. It’s Santana without Carlos.

And Phil isn’t the original lead singer.

JackDrugless writes:

I’m amazed that anyone would support either version.


This really has gotten to the point where its like a person guarding his own turds from people.

Bad565 writes:

I saw Tracii’s version and they sucked bad. Phils version is way better.

ZakkVanDime writes:

It’s like Lynch Mob without George Lynch. :)

Serial_Mom writes:

But….seriously….stick a fork in me because I’m long over ever caring about LA GUNS, either version at this point, to even bother showing up for a show anymore.

Nasty Lawless writes:

Phil and Steve have kept the groove while Tracii wants to sound raw and we all know Paul Black even tho is a good guy cant sing a lick!!!!!!

Kristi_Vicious writes:

I wonder if this will end up like Ratt. Stephen took Warren n Bobby to court over use of the band name back in 2002(?) n Warren n Bobby won, but now Stephen’s back in the band.

SmutPeddler writes:

and nobody outside of the ratt organization and this board knows or cares. they just wanna hear "round and round."

Machado writes:

Nikki Sixx is to blame for the current LA Guns fiasco.

Nikki contacted Tracii in order to form a "side project".

Tracii answered the phone and the rest is LA Guns history!

Fucking Nikki Sixx ruined LA Guns.

L.A. Guns founding Father Tracii Guns chimes in as well.

SatansChicken writes:  Note to the reader Satans Chicken is in deed Tracii Guns

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,, thats too easy Machado,,,,, Had I never found out about Steve not paying me and others the royalties I would still be Playing with them. Its just that simple. Looking forward to getting it settled, putting L.A. GUNS to rest and everybody moving forward.

The sad thing is that L.A. GUNS is in Rolling Stone because of the feud and not the music.

Al Snug writes:

As most people know TG quit his own band to do brides and Phil and Steve carried on without him giving LAG fans exactly what they want classic 80s rock, They didn’t change there style and released three pretty good records without Mr G.

If 80s style rock is your thing you’d be crazy not to check out Phil Steve Stacey and Scotty doing the entire Cocked and loaded record from top to bottom, I saw them last week in front of a packed house In Salt Lake and they were on fire and IMO actually better than the original line up I witnessed back in the day.

I get the impression that Guns see’s this as just a financial issue couldn’t give a rats ass about the music and what the band represents to fans old and new and in which case he probably should give up trying to compete, He’s a great guitarist is a shame he’s not doing anything better.

Satans Chicken writes:

You mean you saw them open for skid row and there were a few people there. I saw them and watched Stacey fuck around with a whammy bar during the theramin solo in malaria, and completely play magdalaine wrong,,, So dont tell me I am not about the music , i wrote those songs,,, As far as you using the name AL SNUG as your screen name, i am offended,,, That is another name i came up with for our original publishing company. Furthermore, I could put a band together with a shitty singer like paul black and still do more dates and draw more people then the balls you are swinging from at the moment and that is just a plain fact mister. So fuck you and your false post :)

With Love, Tracii Guns

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