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Rewind with Mike Trash of The Erotics.

Rewind with Mike Trash of The Erotics.


Mike Trash & The Erotics.

We brought you a 20 Questions with Mike Trash a few years ago. Now he’s back with another new disc and a return trip to the UK. This guy won’t go away, even though he might have tried to. He’s nearly off’ed himself

inadvertently with massive quantities of alcohol – more than once. And he’s still here. Mike Trash is like a cock roach with herpes.

If you don’t know anything about The Erotics you might want to check them out. Imagine if you put Joey Ramone into a blender with Nikki Sixx. Then add an 8-ball of coccaine, a case of beer, and subtract the huge success and you get Mike Trash & The Erotics.

For the record, no one is riding Mike Trash’s nut sack, but we can acknowledge a true solider of rock n’ roll when we see one. With no further babble, here is Mike Trash & his rewind.

1. This is your chance to plug your shit, tours, cds, news, websites and more?


Well, we just released another new cd called "Rubbish" on the UK label Trash*Pit, follow up to last years "30 Seconds Over You".  We have an upcoming tour in the UK in April. It will be out 4th. time over there, we may be doing a bunch of US dates this summer as well.


You can get our stuff via our website www.eroticrocknroll.com or @ Cd Baby, Amazon.com etc.  And it’s available @ all the digital places like iTunes, Rhapsody, and a bunch of other places like that.


We’re also @ myspace as well, www.myspace.com/theerotics

2. Your history in music is over 2 solid decades and your still at it. Give us your motivation and reason to still make music, tour, etc..?


Everytime I want to quit, something keeps sucking me back in.  I’m always writing songs, so I always feel the need to release them, then tour offers always follow.


Mike Trash w/ Guitar in Lethal Lipstick/Lethal Boyz – Circa 1989/1990


3. Going backwards, Lethal Lipstick became Lethal Boyz and guys in the band had names like Billy Lixx & Gary Grafixx. Aside from being signed to an affiliate of MCA (Musicians Cemetery of America) with Maze Records in 1991, what do you think went wrong? And looking back do you think too many X’s and Z’s in the aforementioned names could have caused the death of LL?


Yeah, LL made the brilliant move to change it to Lethal Boyz, to come across as "less glam"


Well, too many X’s and Z’s + 1991 = DEATH!!!!


4. You covered an AC/DC song on this latest release “Rubbish”. It seems to have become a pattern for you on the last couple releases including a W.A.S.P. tune. Any other covers in the future that you’d like to remake?


Yeah, we do a pretty kiss-ass version of "Walk All Over You" on the new album.   There’s actually an Eagles tune I’d like to remake someday!!!


Mike Trash & The Erotics – CrueFest New York.

5. Since you sing and play – this time you get the Rate a guitarist/singer and bassist/singer 1-10. You know how this works. We’ll also throw in the singer who picks up the axe for a song or two during their set. You should give 2 scores. Example: a 8 for singing and a 8 for guitar playing.


Paul Stanley of KISS =  Vox-8 Gtr-6

Vince Neil of Motley Crue = Vox-6  Gtr-Does he even plug that fucking thing in?

Zakk Wylde of BLS = Vox-5  Gtr-9

Billy Joe of Green Day = Vox-5 Gtr-5

Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead = Vox-5 Bass-7

Jani Lane former Warrant front man = Vox-7 Gtr.-4

Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff = Vox-7 Gtr. 5

Lizzy DeVine of Vains of Jenna = Vox-7.5  Gtr-6

Kip Winger of Winger = Vox-7  Bass-7, also get points b/c he play w/Alice!!!

Mike Ness of Social Distortion = Vox-7 Gtr 7


6. What does the first 2 hours of your average day consist of?


It takes me 2 hours just to get out of bed each day.  Then coffee, and lots of it!!!!

7. What’s good and bad about the Albany New York music scene?


There is some good things about it, surprisingly, we have a lot of great friends and fans that make our local gigs a really fun time.


The bad: Too many cover bands, and too many "hipster indy rock" bullshit bands.


Mike has good taste in his choice of his work shirt for the day.

8. There was talk years ago that you were contacted by Slash in February 2002 to try out for what would eventually become Velvet Revolver. What’s the story on this?


Back in 2003. Actually I wasn’t contacted by Slash, VH1 got in touch w/me. Honestly, I woudln’t have been the right guy, I’m a guitar player/singer.


They wanted a shake your ass and dance kinda frontman, I have nothing against that, but that’s not me.

9. Which have you done more of or had more of in your life:

Eaten more fruit & salads or snorted more coccaine =  Lately I’m snorting pepper >HERE<

Drank more orange juice or guzzled more beer = BEER!!!!

Petted more dogs or punched more faces = Well I’m a dog lover. But I prefer bitch slapping over punching, it’s more disrespectful:)

Had more girl friends or Had more STD’s = Only got an STD once, back in 1990.

Had more band members or Signed more indy deals =  I get an indy deal per band member.


10. If you could smash your guitar off any Rock Stars face, who would it be and why?

John Mayer, first he’s "Dave Matthews’ Light" now he decides he wants to be a "guitar hero" and course the media and sheoples buy right into it.


Drink, Fight & Fuck Tonight.


11. Your faced with a tough decision. You are about to have your arms cut off at the shoulder and your ball bag ripped off clean. That is, unless you join Firehouse, perm your hair, and do acoustic set’s featuring a 10 minute version of “Love of a Lifetime” nightly for the next 2 years. What do you do?

A. Lose the arms and ball bag.

B. Join Firehouse.

C. Jump from the Brooklyn Bridge with a bull horn yelling fuck poodle rock.

The obvious choice is C!!!


12.  Sludge Mix n’ Match. Put the correct letter with the correct number.

A. Bret Michaels 2       1. Is a great singer, but acts like a 5 year old.

B. Steven Adler    
3       2. Is clearly wearing a dead wolf or similar on his head.

C. Jani Lane         
4       3. Will likely be arrested on drug charges within the year

D. Zakk Wylde     
5       4. Fucked up his bands re-union in major way last

E. Sebastian Bach 
1      5. Drinks & uses the F’ Word more than the entire human race


13. Tell us about your most unlucky nite out on the town with the band?

I guess one time in Boston a few years back, my band left me at the venue, they thought I hooked up w/someone. But I was still at the venue, so I had to take a train back to Albany, with the merch box.


Let’s just say, I had every right to keep ALL the money we made that night.


On tour in Nottingham England

14. Let’s go on tour with Mike Trash. Name some cities, what year, and what it was like?

Let’s put it this way, if I were to write a book , it would make the "The Dirt" look like fucking Seasame Street!!!


I almost died TWICE due to alchohol comsumption ala Bon Scott, even as recent as July 2007, when I almost drowed while drinking Tequila in a swimming pool @ a hotel.

15. What current band would you like to see fall from grace the fastest and why?

The easy predictable choice,, would be to say NickelBack,  But yeah, NickelBack.


Just something about them that is just so, very, very, very WRONG!!!!


16. Who would win in a battle royal and why?

Team # 1 is Phil’s LA Guns, Skid Row w/ Solinger & the Jani Lane band. W/ Obi Steinman as the Team manager in the corner with a bull horn and silk suit on.

Team #2 is Traci’s LA Guns, Sebastian Bach’s band & Warrant w/ Robert Mason. W/ Maria Bach (Baz’s wife) as the team manager in the corner wearing a bikini.


I can’t get the visual of Maria Bach in a bikini out of my heard, so team #2 wins, never mind the scenarios.

03_05_09 004.jpg

17. Since we last talked a few things went down, give us your thoughts on.

Motley Crue “Saints of Los Angeles” = Really only heard the title track which I like, the rest of album, is hit or miss. Would have been way better if I co-wrote the songs.

“Sober House” w/ Steven Adler = Sad

www.kissburger.com launching = I’m purchasing a franchise in Upstate New York.

Guns n’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” =  Still sounds like GnR

“Rock of Love – Bus” w/ Bret Michaels = That poor guy just can’t seem to find the right girl!!


18. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity who would it be?

I’d prefer to be a sex toy for one of the Kardashian sisters!!


19. Other than this interview, what is the last thing you truly regretted doing?

Getting drunk @ the St. Pattys day Parade latter today.  I’m sure I’ll get wasted, bang some chick, and not remember it!!


Mike Trash March 2009


20. The Last of Mike Trash Part 2.

Last time you snorted a line = Honestly? 2 days ago, and I’m not proud of it.

Last fast food drive thru you hit = Starbucks, for coffee, not food.

Last time you had an erection =  Everytime I wake up.

Last time you restrung your guitar  =  Over months ago, we haven’t played live since then.

Last famous person you met at a show = Rachel Ray, she’s originally from Albany.

Last cover song you jammed on live = ACDC-"Walk All Over You"

Last time you shoveled snow = Well I live in the NorthEast, quite often.

Last time you were wearing hand cuffs = Can’t recall ever wearing them

Last time you farted and had to do a safety wipe =Thank God, not in a long time.

Last time you shoplifted = 1983, stole a Led Zeppelin cassette. 

We wanna give a shout out to Mike Trash for being down with the Sludge.

Go check the band out on myspace >HERE< and on tour in the UK starting April 2nd.

Metal Sludge

Drink, Fight & Sludge tonight

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