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Stephen Pearcy’s agent responds to article.

Stephen Pearcy’s agent responds to article.


Stephen Pearcy of Ratt
(pic Zloz)


Metal Sludge posted an articke >HERE< about a recent Stephen Pearcy show.

The website Boston.com claimed that Pearcy did NOT show at an advertised meet n’ greet. See below.

"All three had paid $40 for a VIP ticket that included access to the sound check and a pre-gig meet-and-greet with Pearcy and the band. (The women weren’t bothered when Pearcy didn’t show up for either.)" Source: Boston.com

After we ran the article, we received this below from Pearcy’s agent.

As Stephen Pearcy’s booking agent I can tell you this… there was NO pre-show meet & greet agreed to. The venue/buyer did not even request it. We were told that the $40 ticket was a ticket included dinner as well as admission to the show. Let me say again at no time was there a request for a meet & greet… it was not in the terms of the contract, nor did we agree to one.

In the time I have been representing Stephen Pearcy he has fully complied with ALL contractual obligations for every show I have booked for him. If the venue/buyer for Commonwealth promised the forty dollar ticket holders a meet & greet they did so without consulting me or my client.

Let it be known that we can be total dicks, but we were NOT the dicks in this case. Pearcy is cool by us, even if some of his fans are delusional and need to exposed for being so.

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