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Slash & Adler file restraining orders against woman.

Slash & Steven Adler file restraining orders against same woman.


Steven and Slash getting stalked.


Slash & Adler — 1 Woman, 2 Restraining Orders

Posted Jul 29th 2009 12:45AM by TMZ Staff

Slash and Steven Adler now have at least three things in common — Guns ‘N’ Roses, rehab, and they were both granted a restraining order yesterday against the same woman.

Adler alleges a woman in Oregon named Lisa Jill Martin-Cahn hired at least three private investigators since ’08 to hunt him down … "under the ruse" they were long lost lovers who met in rehab back in the early 90’s.

Adler’s docs, filed in L.A. County, say cops who visited Cahn at her Oregon home last month found "unopened boxes of house ware items which Cahn stated [were] wedding presents for [her and Adler’s] upcoming marriage."

Now here’s where Slash fits into this: He claims Cahn has contacted him and his family members — including his mother-in-law — by phone and letter in desperate attempts to get in touch with Adler.

Both restraining orders were granted yesterday — Cahn has to stay at least 500 yards away from both guys, their families, work … and on and on.

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