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12 year old Metal singer & 14 year old brother – Shred!

12 year old Metal singer & 14 year old brother – Shred!




Holy FUCKING shit folks. Look what Metal Sludge has stumbled upon now.

It’s a pair of Tampa Florida brothers – Riley & Casey Macek. Riley is the singer and is just 12 years old & his big brother Casey turned 14 less than a month ago. They are UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! Don’t think so? Watch, wait and see.

Riley has a voice that will tear into your heart, mind and soul. This kid has got feeling and guts that are unmatched. And speaking of heart, Riley was born with a hole in his heart, and thus their name HOLES & HEARTS.

Check out the video for "I Am Not Afraid" recorded when Riley was only 10 and Casey was 11. It’s on YouTube >HERE< its dated January 2008 (and recorded in 2007).

Some other tracks off their MySpace player in need of a mention are "Just A Little Sucker", "Are We Done Yet" and the ballad "Just Another Broken Heart" off their full length CD will have you singing along by the 2nd chorus. This is no joke, these kids are the real deal.


Do NOT let the baby faces fool you!

Holes & Hearts are like a modern day Megadeth with WAY better songs and a MUCH better singer. Riley has the potential to be as good as Sebatian Bach. The sky is the limit for these kids.

We here at Metal Sludge are glad to see and hear such great young talent playing hard rock n’ roll music. We also told you about Jack Ripper a great young guitarist out of Arizona right >HERE< and teen sensation Dario Lorina recently did our 20 Questions right>HERE<

Another great young band is YAYO out of Austin Texas. Check them out >HERE< The band is fronted by singer & guitarist YAYO SANCHEZ. He’s only 14 but has already turned many a heads and jammed with guys like Slash & Paul Stanley. Look for YAYO to make the music news again soon.

We look forward to bringing you more on these great young talents as their career grows.

To learn more about HOLES & HEARTS visit their official MySpace >HERE<

You heard it here first folks, look for these kids to be a force in music for years to come.

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