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Axl Rose attacks camera man at LAX – Video.

Axl Rose attacks camera man at LAX – Video.


Axl & Tuesdae of Chelsea Girls at a Hollywood night club a few years back.


Axl flips out again. Is anyone shocked?

We at Metal Sludge are not shocked at this but we are shocked to see that baldy has ditched the corn rows and seems to have some new hair style going on. Stay tuned for new pictures.

Guns n’ Roses are headed to Taiwan to kick off some tour dates and that means Axl had to mingle with common folk along the way. And what happens? He turns a trip to the airport into a scandal.

Axl Rose is a fucking animal. There are little kids and elderly people standing only feet from him at LAX airport as he errupts. And this jerk calls the paparazzi belligerent. Shame on you Axl.

Watch the video clip found >HERE< on TMZ and see the mayhem unfold.

This here below is courtesy of TMZ.

Before the brawl, Axl warns the paparazzi about a photog who was allegedly getting close to a woman in his entourage saying, "touch her again, I’ll break his f**king neck."

Seconds later, the woman can be seen scuffling with a photog — and that’s when Axl charges in and swings for the photog’s head … knocking the guy right on his ass.

As members of Axl’s entourage tried to rip the Guns n’ Roses singer away, the rocker continued to stomp and kick the man while he was on the ground.

Members of Rose’s crew eventually tore him away and walked to their gate. In the footage, it’s clear two TSA agents observed the fight, but we’ve learned they never notified airport police.

Axl has since posted an article on his MySpace page, in which the paparazzi are described as "belligerent" — it also states Rose was uninjured in the "unprovoked attack."

A post on the official Guns n’ Roses MySpace is >HERE< giving their side of the incident.

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