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Joe LeSte talks about his health, new CD & Bulletboys singer Marq Torien

Joe LeSte talks about his health, new CD & Bulletboys singer Marq Torien.



Joe LeSte recently did an interview and touched bass on some various subjects inlcuding his recent health scare, the new Bang Tango CD & Bulletboys singer Marq Torien.

My first question to Joe was, "What happened recently at the show where you passed out & the band had to get a kid in the crowd to sing?" & Joe told me that what had happened basically was that he needed his medicine & didn’t have it, so he had a situation & he woke up in the hospital; Joe has extreme hyper tension & he must take his medication in order to live, & on this tour, he has his medication so he’s all set & good to go. Joe was quick to point out that he’s never been a heavy drinker or anything, he might drink a few beers, but odds are he doesn’t even finish an entire bottle off & that he’s never been a hard liquor drinker.

The topic of the Faster Pussycat/Bullet Boys 2009 tour came up & that subject has several sour spots for Joe because the billing for that tour was NOT supposed to list Bang Tango as a performer, but rather, it was to list Joe Leste from Bang Tango & state that Joe would be jamming on classic tunes with the other bands, but what happened on that tour was, the billing read Bang Tango & at every single show fans would be disgruntled over Bang Tango not being there, so Joe apologized to his fans for that issue & apparently the guy who was responsible for that entire mix up was fired & is blackballed at this point.

While on the subject of the Pussycat/Bullet Boys tour of 2009, I had to ask Joe about a certain diva on that tour, Mr. Marq Torien from the Bullet Boys & this is where Joe’s mood changed slightly…if you talk to ANYONE who’s had run in’s with Marq Torien, you’ll hear the same stories, NONE are good, Marq is a very talented person, but he just keeps on f**king himself up by running his mouth so much! I asked Joe about Marq’s behavior on that tour & Joe chimed in that Marq was telling so many lies, treating people really badly, acting like a star, & the common lies he told were, "Bullet Boys are opening for AC/DC & Foo Fighters!" & the personal highlight of this interview, for me, was when Joe recalled a story of when Marq joined him onstage last year at a show in California…Marq told Joe backstage, (Joe did a really great impersonation of Marq, demeanor & all!), "Marq looks at us, starts shaking & goes, "Man, I’m fucking scared…we’re blowing up, we’ve got all this major shit happening & we’re huge & it’s major!" & as Joe was quick to point out to me, he could see right through Marq’s bullshit, he was constantly building himself up to be more than what he really is and when I told Joe that Marq had told me he was going to be on The Today Show even Joe busted out in laughter!

Joe said that the new Bang Tango record is partially done, there’s alot of music finished up & he needs to do his vocals, but with his health & all he didn’t have time to finish it up just yet, but the new Bang Tango record is a priority & it will be finished up soon. "Suck It Up" is the only new song the band are playing in their current set that’s slated to be on the new record & even Joe was a little concerned whether or not the new song sounds a little to much like Beautiful Creatures rather than Bang Tango, & after hearing the song, what I will say is, the song is more modern than most Bang Tango material, it’s chunky & heavy & I can hear the Beautiful Creatures style in it, but at the same time, it’s Joe’s vocals & Joe IS Bang Tango, so "Suck It Up" kinda is a mix of Beautiful Creatures & Bang Tango in all honesty.

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