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Bret Michaels: OPRAH, new VH1 show, the Apprentice finale, a new CD & US tour!

Bret Michaels on OPRAH, new VH1 show, CD & tour!


Bret Miracles, from critical condition to in concert in under 30 days.


Wow. It seems that Bret Michaels is made of miracles.

We’ll officially coin his new name, Bret Miracles.

Less than 3 weeks ago he was in critical condition. Now he’s got a new VH1 reality show, a new CD and has tour plans through December starting in mere days.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget he’s in the finale of the Apprentice too. Kind of shocking for a man who was according to his own Twitter >HERE< in ICU & critical as recent as April 29th 2010.

Let’s take a look at Bret’s first televised interview with OPRAH found >HERE<

A few quotes from Radaronline read as follows:

"When you look at the video, you have to do a double take because the rocker looks as though he has completely recovered. His speech is back and so is his sense of humor."

Oprah asked him why he wore his signature bandana in the hospital room. He said “It’s like superman without the cape.”

Another link on OPRAH.com says the following:
"His near-fatal brain hemorrhage made headlines across the country. Now, Bret Michaels talks about his second chance at life.

Read that  >HERE<

His Oprah interview has him looking very fit, tan, no slurred speach and he looks like the same old Bret Michaels. However his hair extensions do look better in recents interviews.

Bret returns to the stage May 28th 2010 less than a month after the brain hemorrhage.

"Bret Michaels, who suffered a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage on April 22, just 10 days after an emergency appendectomy in San Antonio, Texas while on his Custom Built Tour, is planning on making his return to live performances Friday May 28, Memorial Day Weekend, at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi. The singer plans to remain on tour throughout the fall and early winter, with dates scheduled through December."

Article found on Bret’s Twitter >HERE<

According to a recent article in PEOPLE magazine Bret will do 200 tour dates this year. "As Bret Michaels hits the road on his 200-city solo tour, don’t be surprised should you spot him in your local airport…crying. "The worst thing about being a rock star dad is when my daughters see the bags being packed and they don’t want me to go-that rips my heart out," says Michaels."

Article linked from Bret’s Twitter is found >HERE<

We are in awe of Bret’s ability to rebound like no other human could.

Bret to appear on Celebrity Apprentice finale. "Rock star Bret Michaels will get to play the final round of "The Celebrity Apprentice." The Poison frontman passed muster with host Donald Trump on Sunday’s edition and he’ll be back for next week’s live conclusion."

NY Daily News article >HERE<

Wait there is more.

Bret has a new VH1 reality show too."VH1, 51 Minds and Bret Michaels are teaming up again for the new docu- series Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, giving viewers an insider’s look at Bret’s home life when he isn’t touring, shooting, partying and rocking out. After the lights have dimmed on stage and the music stops for the night, Bret rolls off the tour bus right into the loving arms of his daughters Raine and Jorja, who affectionately refer to him as “Poppa Rocka.”A special preview will air Monday, May 31 2010 at 10/9c.

Link from VH1’s official site >HERE<

Let’s not forget about the new single that hit iTunes less than 48 hours after the "Dr. press conference" "Bret Michaels NEW SONG ‘WASTED TIME’ AVAILABLE NOW AT ITUNES!" Tweet found >HERE<

We’re glad Bret is doing better. He is a true miracle.

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