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Bret Michaels former Body Guard Big John slams VH1!

Bret Michaels former Body Guard Big John lashes out at VH1!


Big John & Bret Michaels


We just got the following letter/statement from former Bret Michaels body guard and "Rock Of Love" side kick Big John Murray.

It seems like Big John has a little something to say. We’ll let him do the talking.

51 Minds and VH-1 turn their back and fuck over "ONE OF THEIR OWN"


     For the last 3 month VH-1 and 51 Minds Productions have been in negotiations relating to a new up and coming reality show based on the true story behind the life of a bounty hunter and the daily struggles that comes with this career with none other than "Big John" formerly of their hit shows Rock of Love 1,2, and Rock of Love Bus.


     For over 2 months 51 Minds has been on conference calls gathering information, learning the business of bail enforcement , and hunting, gathering the limited info that was given to them on the legality of what can and can’t be done (" we didn’t tell them everything") 51 Minds and VH-1 left  "Big John and his entire team of professionals behind stating , " We feel it would be better if we gave it to a group of African Americans so we are going to utilize the African American populous and go with a LA based crew. Meaning a team of actors they hire from a talent agency to completely botch any realization of the real persona and life of a true team that puts their life on the line daily.


     This is Hollywood and I understand but I feel disheartened when a "professional company" gathers info and true life stories just to turn their back on "ONE OF THEIR OWN" and stab him in the back.


     I personally can’t wait to see the lawsuits begin for misrepresenting this profession and I will personally be completely ready to be the first to file a class action suit when they enter a third party residence or illegally detain someone (kidnap) and try to say this is how it is done.


     Let’s see if  Brandy or Ray J or any number of African American talents on the VH-1 roster can even compete with the true life events that I see every day. 


      Hell maybe even pep can run for prez. as "they" call it.


"BIG" John Murray

Rebel Fugitive Recovery 

Salt Lake City, Utah

For more info on Big John visit his official myspace >HERE<

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