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‘The Last Living Slut’ chronicles her sex with rock stars.

‘The Last Living Slut’ chronicles her hot sexcapades with rock stars.


Roxana Shirazi "The Last Living Slut"

This book is a DEFINITE read for the Metal Sludge faithful.

It’s safe to say if you’re a fan of the World Famous Penis Chart >HERE< then you’ll enjoy reading about this sluts backstage romps. Below is an article from the NY Daily News with excerpts that will leave you gasping OMG and you will not be able to stop reading.

But before we get to that, here is a partial review of the book below from Bob Suehs.

This book starts off with a story of how she wanted to have a 3 way with Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee….Tommy allows her to enter his dressing room & she proceeds to jerk off for Tommy but Nikki had no parts of it, then a year later she has dinner with Nikki Sixx & when she asks Nikki about sex drugs & rock n roll, Nikki tells her that truth, that it’s all an image & she got upset when Nikki talked to her about his life, family & even his interest in growing a garden….she was upset that Nikki was a business man & NOT a stupid rock star.

How can you really expect ANYONE to respect you & take you seriously when you tell a story about how you had a 3-way with Tracii Guns & his current bass player, Jeremy Guns…the story was that Tracii took the back, Jeremy took the front & their balls were slapping together in the middle because they were f**king her so hard!

The core of this book is that she got pregnant with Guns N Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed’s baby & she had an abortion. She blamed Dizzy for her getting the abortion because she claimed she wanted the kid but got rid of it in order to make Dizzy happy…as it’s later revealed in the book, Dizzy already has 4 kids & he excommunicated the groupie because he lost interest in her when he walked in on her backstage in Sebastian Bach’s dressing room…what happened was, she wanted to have sex with Sebastian Bach, but what Bach wanted to do was use a vibrator on her while all his band members & crew watched, so Axl Rose & Dizzy saw her getting the vibrator treatment from Sebastian Bach & Dizzy lost interest in her.

She stalks Dizzy though & in an attempt to get back at him she decides to go to Los Angeles & have sex with all of his band members in his band Hookers N Blow…she has an affair with Troy Patrick Farrell, but Troy pawns her off to Scott Griffin & eventually Dizzy gets wind of it all, he kicks Griffin out of his band & threatens Troy & others about touching that girl & Griffin winds up playing bass in LA Guns, but through that entire ordeal, groupie girl falls in love with Scott Griffin & Scott can’t stay faithful at all…there’s a comical story how she goes to kiss Scott one night & smells his breath & goes, "I can smell another woman’s p**sy on your breath!" & the relationship, if you want to call it that, ended when she had a friend tempt Scott with a one night stand, Scott accepted & she was heartbroken…again! She also detailed how upon meeting AXL Rose, she got Mr. Rose to autograph her "intimate" area & she was planning on getting it the autograph tattooed but Dizzy went down on her that night & rubbed the autograph off in the process!

There’s a great story about how she had sex with ALL 5 members of Buckcherry 2 days after she had an abortion….she claims that Keith Nelson has a pierced penis & he’s so big that he hurt her…apparently she started to bleed really bad because 2 days after an abortion you SHOULD NOT have sex, but she did & things got so messy & bloody that Keith couldn’t finish up so she had to finish him off orally. Then she went on to have sex with the rest of the band & she later went back to a hotel room to have more sex with 3 of the guys.

This isn’t the only Buckcherry sexcapade either…she visited the band months later & did all 5 of them in the back of their bus…Keith was first & as she described it, he had a beer in his hand as he came back to take her from the front & Josh Todd was the last in line & he did her from behind!


"I hope you go through more abortions, to be honest … have a wonderful time aborting your children, you piece of s—," Says Dizzy Reed according to Shirazi.

Note: She claims to still have all his messages.

Shirazi details her alleged pregnancy from Dizzy Reed in a MySpace blog >HERE<

There’s another story where she has sex with Matt Sorum when Matt was on tour with Velvet Revolver & she tells how her friend scored Matt coke because he needed a drug fix, she tells how Matt did one armed push ups & declared, "Not bad for a 46 year old man!" in order to impress them, & the gross out factor kicks in when she admits that she was on her period this particular day, she told Matt this & Matt said he didn’t care if she didn’t….he stuck his finger in her special area & his hands came out reddish orange & she goes on to explain that Matt went down on her & when he came up he looked like a savage eating raw meat because his face was covered in blood & "stuff".

Even though he’s no longer with us, there’s a story about The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold as well….basically, she asked Synister Gates to give her a golden shower…he performed the act, then she went to have sex with The Rev with M. Shadows & Synister watched…once Synister walked in the room The Rev could no longer maintain an erection & he tried & tried to f**k groupie girl & what ended up happening was that The Rev had foam coming from his mouth & had some sorta episode from all the drugs he’d taken…she describes her encounter with Avenged Sevenfold as boring other than being pee’d on!

There’s a story about how she was asked to help Steven Adler pee, so she had to pull his pants down, hold his man-hood & even shake him dry when he was done peeing, then put it back in his pants..this was because Steven had a beer in one hand & a joint in the other & didn’t want to put either down! She also details how she gave Steven a B.J. & when Steven had sex he demanded that Family Guy cartoons be played!

She tried to have sex with Eric Stacey from Faster Pussycat & Brent Muscat…she had Brent’s pants off & before she could shove his hard d**k in her Brett, the bands drummer cock blocked her & told her both Eric & Brent were married men & he wasn’t allowing it! She details sex with Joe Leste from Bang Tango, she stated that Jizzy Pearl came off too scary & rough for her, & at the end of this book you are left really not liking this woman who wrote this book…how can you respect someone who did all these sick acts, then goes & writes a book about it all? She’s trying to destroy people’s lives based on her lack of a life!

There is MUCH more, and MORE detail – believe it or not, Review is found >HERE<


This topic is a SUPER HOT story on the World Famous Gossip Boards with over 7,000 reads in a few days time. Here are a few commets by a reader who already has received an advance copy of the tell all book.

rocknrollexperience blogs:

ANOTHER juicy tidbit….2 days after she had the abortion with Dizzy’s baby, she stalked Josh Todd & had sex with him on the Buckcherry tour bus, 2 DAYS after she had an abortion..she said her pussy was still sore & bleeding, her hand was bandaged, & Josh put a condom on & did her anyways, even after she told him she’d had an abortion 2 days prior….as she put it, she had a thick flow that was worse than a usual period, so Josh Todd apparently does some weird shit! lol

Then, the next night, she details how she only wanted to be with Josh Todd, BUT, Keith Nelson wanted her too…apparently Keith has a huge piercing in his dick & he took her into an empty dressing room, pulled his pants down, she gave him oral & she said the cock piercing was so huge that it hurt her mouth….she didn’t want to fuck him because her abortion was running down her leg at that point, but Keith didn’t cum when she gave him oral, so he grabbed her & here’s an excrpt from the book:

I gave him the best cock sucking I could so he could cum & I could leave but he didn’t cum, he wanted to fuck me.

"Turn Around" he said

I didn’t want to

He lifted my skirt, my abortion was sliding down my leg

"It’s just my period" I said, not wanting to offend him

He put a condom on & looked away from the mess as he entered me…that cockring choked my vagina, scarping the insides

She then details how Keith stopped fucking her when things got REALLY messy, he said it was too much for him to see & she finished him off with oral & he came in her mouth…then later on, while on the bands bus, everyone but Josh wanted to take her & another girl back to the hotel & fuck ‘em again….she claims she didn’t feel like it, but she did anyways…she details Keith’s pierced dick as hurting her again, she was still fresh from the abortion, blood flowing heavy, but she did it anyways for the band boys….

To read the Gossip Board topic click >HERE<


"I was always more into Nikki Sixx. I found him a little dull. He talked about his gardening."

If that isn’t enough, the story has just hit the NY Daily News folks. Read on.

Roxana Shirazi engaged in some risky sex while hanging with rock’s raunchiest hair bands. But the unrepentant groupie is courting bigger danger with her memoir, "The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage."

Shirazi says several editors and agents passed on her manuscript for fear of a fatwa – the Islamic death sentence that once put "Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie in fear of his life.

But her two champions, authors Neil Strauss and Anthony Bozza, finally persuaded Harper Collins to publish it under the new Igniter imprint.

It’s not hard to see what might incite the mullahs in Tehran, where Shirazi lived until she was 10.

"I haven’t attacked Islam itself," she tells us. "But they probably don’t think I should be writing about doing sex during my Koran classes."

Her later rock debauchery is so explicit as to make Pamela Des Barres’ famous "I’m With the Band" read "like a nun’s diary," the book warns.

There’s also the art: photos of a naked Shirazi, and another of her dressed in a traditional chador while making an obscene gesture with her fingers and tongue.

"I think I would get killed if I went back to Tehran," says the thirtysomething Londoner, who holds a master of fine arts degree and lectures on gender and identity.

Iran’s dignity police may have to get in line behind Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Velvet Revolver, Papa Roach, and Skid Row, whose members she slices and dices.

Various inebriated axmen had trouble, um, getting into tune. Tommy Lee was rarin’ to go when Shirazi invited him to watch her perform an unusual gynecological feat. But she found him too "bossy" and hated his techno music.

"I was always more into Nikki Sixx," she says. "But when we went to dinner, I found him a little dull. He talked about his gardening."

She never found Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach that hot, but that didn’t prevent her from giving him, shall we say, an all-access pass. But she was mortified when Axl Rose walked in on them.

Rose’s bandmate Dizzy Reed comes off the worst. Shirazi contends that the keyboardist "was childish and dorky in his seduction" but she eventually found him remarkably sensitive by heavy-metal standards.

"I fell in love with him," she tells us. "It was a huge mistake."

When she told Reed she was pregnant, she says, he encouraged her to have an abortion and began bombarding her with cruel texts.

"I hope you go through more abortions, to be honest … have a wonderful time aborting your children, you piece of s—," he said in one, according to Shirazi, who says she still has his messages.

(Reed’s manager didn’t respond to messages.)

She says she became so depressed that, one night in a Hollywood motel, she took an overdose of painkillers.

Thankfully, she lived to tell the tale, and quite artfully. The book is out June 1.

NY Daily News article found >HERE<

To visit this slut on MySpace check her out >HERE<

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