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Bobby Blotzer of Ratt arrested for DUI!

Bobby Blotzer of Ratt gets DUI with watercraft!


How many DUI arrests is that Bob?


Inside sources have tipped Metal Sludge off that RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer was recently arrested for a DUI. After a little research we were able to obtain the following public records that show Blotz was indeed arrested.

The rumor we heard was there was an arrest over Memorial Day weekend at Lake Havasu in Arizona and Bob was at the ‘wheel’ of a boat. Turns out, that this arrest information shows exactly that.


See above or let’s take a closer look below.


Found on the site for Supreme Court State of Arizona right >HERE<

A RATT press release came out >HERE< less than 48 hours ago that officially cancelled their European tour. The press release states it was for Pearcy to have a hernia operation.

It seems that some fans on the Gossip Board >HERE< have questioned if the recent DUI could have been part of the reason.

Let’s take a look at a few fans comments below.

Moon writes:maybe he cant leave the country and this is real reason why RATT overseas dates were canceled?

Tymaster writes:

Depending on the severity of the charges he WILL NOT be granted a visa and/or passport……

Panic writes:

DUI in AZ is 10 day MANDATORY jail sentence. You can get out earlier through work furlough and other bureaucratic B.S., mainly if you are high profile, Charles Barkley did something like 4 days on his charge if I remember correctly. Blotz will HAVE to serve time on this charge unless he can somehow prove that the breathalyzer was out of date on calibration. My guess is, this time of year at Havasu, they have their shit together on equipment upkeep and maintenance.

Sliver writes:

How funny because in his book he boasts (on more than one occasion) about his ability to drive well while intoxicated and defends that he never should have received a DUI because he drives better when he is drunk. This is obviously an ongoing occurrance with him. He should seek help before he ends up killing an innocent person.


We cannot confirm nor deny if this was the watercraft Blotz was driving while shitfaced,

but word on the street is that this is NOT Pearcy’s, Crane’s or DeMartini’s.

We’ll reach out to the powers that be and see what they say.

Stay tuned…

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