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An open letter to Sully Erna & Godsmack!

An open letter to Sully Erna & Godsmack!


"I stand on 2 phone books in photo shoots coz I am a dwarf" Sully Erna


It’s been a while since we’ve opened our mouths but every once in a while something strikes a nerve. The recent YouTube video of a Godsmack concert and a Sully Erna rant has done just that. Sully’s rant is typed below in yellow, the color fits the crime.

GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna used a derogatory term for a homosexual male to describe CREED singer Scott Stapp when the Massachusettes hard rock band performed at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut this past Saturday night (October 9). The reference was made during Erna’s lengthy speech midway through the final song of GODSMACK’s set, "Whatever", which saw Erna challenging the audience to form a massive pit on the floor of the venue and "tear shit up." "When we kick back into this song full force, I wanna see this floor right here lose your goddamned minds," Erna can be heard saying from the stage in two separate fan-filmed video clips which have made their way to YouTube (see below). He continued, "We have played every fucking city and stage in this country and I know there’s some bad-ass fucking crowds over here; I’ve seen it before. But I have no doubt in my mind that if you do the right thing, you will whoop everybody’s fucking ass on this floor, OK?! . . . OK, let me put it a different way: If you are not up for this, step the fuck to the side, OK?! Just get out of the way. I wanna call out all the true hardcore fucking people that are ready to fucking… I’m talking about tear the shit up — right here. And I don’t mean these little pussy kids that dance around and bump into each other… I wanna see from my left all the way to my right, from the front row all the way to the back, I don’t wanna see one goddamned person standing still. If you are not up for this, do me a favor . . . get the fuck out of the way, OK?! ‘Cause when we come back in, I wanna see this floor and everybody on it lose your fucking minds. Do you hear me? . . . Please don’t fucking let me down ’cause, I swear to God, I will go to Bangor, Maine tomorrow [where GODSMACK performed the following night. — Ed.] and I will tell them that Mohegan Sun had a bunch of fucking dead-ass pussies on the fucking floor and maybe you should be going to see a CREED show or some shit like that." After spotting an apparently disapproving fan in the audience, Sully asked, "You’re flipping me off? What, you like CREED? You like Scott Stapp? He’s a f****t. F****t."

We at Metal Sludge ask this of Sully Erna. How about if you put your big boy pants on and get in the pit yourself? How about if you get in the middle of 3,000 people swininging fists, kicks and head butts at the show nightly and show everyone how it’s done?

True hardcore fans? Since when does Godsmack have any hardcore fans? Hey midget man, One Life Crew >HERE< and their fans are hardcore. Not your radio rock band from Boston. We will give respect to your suckcess (spelled wrong on purpose) and sales, but please get your head our of your ass. Calling yourself or your fanbase hardcore is like calling yourself New Wave.  And please don’t insult Flock of Seaguls.

This is typical small man’s complex bullshit. Telling everybody to go bang heads, tear shit up while you stand on stage and how Scott Stapp is a fag. Gee, that’s mighty big of you Sully. For a guy who is 5’4" and according to one internet site "140 pounds on a good day." Really? 5’4" and a buck forty. Funny, many strippers with double D tits are that size. What a douche bag. What a fucking small man, with a small mind, small hands and ultimately a small dick too.

Scott Stapp is probably hung like a horse! Lol.

See the pathetic plea for audience participation on YouTube >HERE<

Part two of pathetic complete with hardcore confetti ending >HERE<

The posting above was taken from Blabbermouth >HERE<

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