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Who is on the official Axl (Guns n’ Roses) enemy list?

Who is on the official Axl (Guns n’ Roses) enemy list?


"Hello Beta, I’d like to add Fergie to the enemy list ASAP!"


Our friend Mister Saint Laurent has just posted some more of the "alleged" Guns N’ Roses insider information that he claims to have in his secret stash. The most recent addition is as he calls it "Axl’s official enemy list". We just grabbed this off his site >HERE

Axl’s official enemy list. Accurate as of Janaury 24, 2008. Sent by Fernando to Axl and then from Axl to Beta. Didn’t see this until tonight. Still making my way through all the files. Disturbing.

Alan Niven

Tom Zutaut

Mike Clink

David Geffen

Bryn Bridenthal

Arlette Vereeke

Doug Goldstein

Peter Paterno

Lee Phillips

Eddie Rosenblatt

Jimmy Iovine

Bert Diexler

Charles Sussman

Michael Oppenheim

Ken Hertz



Merck Mercuriadis


Howard Weitzman







Adam Day

Robert John

Gene Kirkland

Marc Canter

Clearly this is an old list, or we’d be sure to see Fergie & Will I Am on this most hated list.

We’re not sure how to react. Either bummed or stoked. Bummed cause Metal Sludge isn’t on here, or stoked that we’re still bros with Axl. Hey dude, wanna do a phoner? Bring it, or we can meet off Topanga at the Starbucks.

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