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Gn’R camp, rumors of chaos! Bumblefoot pissed @ DJ?

Gn’R camp rumors of utter chaos! Bumblefoot pissed @ DJ?


Bumblefoot & Axl about to be splitsville?


Looks like someone on the inside is leaking some Gn’R drama to the world again.

We’re not sure what to make of these allegations and rumors attached to an anonymous email sent to Sludge today, but one thing is certain, things are up in the air in Gunsland.

Make what you will of it, but Sludge has been telling you folks for months, "where there is smoke, there is fire." 

Today’s email reads something like this:

From: TFN [totalfuckingnarc@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 3:58 PM

To: sludgearedicks@metalsludge.tv

Subject: Guns n Roses chaos

There is a lot of activity in G n’ R world at the moment, very turbulent.

In short, Bumblefoot/Ron Thal is in deep shit.

Bumblefoot/Ron Thal is complaining DJ getting paid more for each show.

G n’ R has ordered the 4 biggest Gnr messageboards (mygnr, HTGTH, CD, newgnr) to delete any thread concerning the Bumblefoot/Ron Thal chat and ban the people who insist on talking about it.

Bumblefoot/Ron Thal is in trouble with Axl and Gnr management because of his big mouth.

He is also the one who wanted Robin and Tommy out first, because they had/have more to say about the direction of the band musically/performance wise.

No matter what he claims about this, he also protests heavily against having Buckethead/Finck material on the next album and wants his own (not-so-good according to Axl) songs on it for royalties.

Bumblefoot/Ron Thal is doing a Slash on Axl/G n’ R.

His time in G n’ R is coming to an end.

Buckethead is in the picture still (like he always was, that never changed).

Bumblefoot/Ron Thal wasn’t kicked out earlier because there was no other replacement available just before and during the touring (there are 6-7 who could do it on a short notice but 4 are close friends with Bumblefoot/Ron Thal so they would not accept, although they wished they could and the 2-3 just refuse to be part of this big industry joke no matter how many figures there are on the fat paycheck).

There is no touring in the near future so it is game on now to find (yet another) replacement for a replacement.

He thought this PR stunt would give him the edge, but that turned out to be a shot in his own bumblefoot.

That is the full situation at the moment and it changes every few hours.

Since that chat Bumblefoot/Ron Thal has been fired at least 2 times by Axl and rehired again by some in the management who think they have no other choice, legally.

Gag orders all over the place, but that is nothing new.

Oddly, this is only a portion of the email. So many tidbits and rediculous parts. Anyway, speaking of gag. Has anyone logged onto PornHub lately? They have some pretty gnarly stuff.

Yawn @ Owned n’ Roses. At this rate, it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next.

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